Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Play-date with Amelia

Our blogging buddy, Mrs. DillyDally, has nicked named the girls Princess Emmie-Mimmie (spelling) and Princess Daisy. Well, while Queen Sara and Queen Wendy had a wonderful talk this afternoon, the princesses had some play time too! It was quite funny when one princess would 'talk' the other would listen and then respond. In the picture above, Princess Daisy was trying to show Princess Emmie-Mimmie how to push up on her arms, however Princess Emmie-Mimmie was quite content to rest on her forearms. Or maybe Princess Emmie-Mimmie was trying to show Princess Daisy how to just sit still and relax a little! Regardless of who is teaching who, the girls had a great time together. I'm so thankful for my friend Sara and that we are able to share in this new journey of motherhood together.

P.S. - After more thought on what the Princesses were up to- I think here they were already beginning to plot how to rule the world! Ha,ha... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Simply beautiful

The Land of Leinna was simply beautiful tonight.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bundled Up and Nowhere to go

Couldn't resist posting this picture as winter is upon us. We've had a few clear skies which means the temperature drops. From birth Leinna hated to be swaddled, so when it comes to bundling up to go outside, she's not a happy camper.

As Leinna's personally emerges more and more I'm starting to believe she's gonna be one happy child. In addition to responding to Peek-A-Boo with giggles, she's really starting to enjoy her time in front of the mirror.

The count down has begun for our trip to South Dakota. We leave a week from Monday :D YAHOO!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Introducing Solids...

Papa and I have been discussing whether to introduce solid foods to Leinna or not. She's been eating rice cereal at bedtime for almost three weeks now and so we thought she might be ready for something new. Most research recommends waiting until 6 months of age, but then the articles would also quote that some babies are ready at 4 months of age. Each article did mention key things to look for to see if your baby is ready, and it seemed that Leinna met these things. So, today I had planned to make some banana muffins and so I mashed a little extra banana. The pictures below document Leinna's first experience with bananas.

In goes the first taste...

Hmmm... not sure what to think

Okay- let me try it again

Maybe not!

We actually tried the bananas again later, and she took a few more bites than the first time, but was soon ready for a bottle. I'm not quite sure she's ready for solids just yet, but it was fun to introduce bananas to her today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Leinna can roll both ways!!

Of course I didn't have my camera ready, but tonight she finally completed the roll from back to stomach. It was nice that Papa came home early from football night and we were able to see Leinna complete the roll for the first time together. Who would have thought something so simple as rolling would make us so proud! In other news in the Land of Leinna, she's been vibrating her lips which I learned was called "raspberries" and she also makes this gasping for air sound, which makes me nervous but the pediatrician assured me it was Leinna just playing with her voice and sounds. Her four month check up went great! She's 26 inches long and 15.5 pounds. The doctor also reassured us in the fact that Leinna's spitting up is a laundry issue and not a medical issue. This made me laugh as I recalled the wonderful baby showers and thinking I would never go through all the clothes she was given- well God must have known we were going to need the outfits! The doctor did give us some things to watch for with the spitting up in case it changed from a laundry issue to a medical issue, which I was thankful for. And finally, I just have to share the picture below. I put a mirror in front of Leinna and she just started laughing and talking to the cute baby in the mirror. This was the first time she's really reacted to looking in the mirror.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So instead of getting ready to head to Anchorage today, I spent the afternoon with camera in hand hoping Leinna would roll over from her back to her stomach.

Her first trick was to use the toy to launch herself over on her side, then she thought it was funny that she couldn't go further- almost like the toy had stopped her.

So I took the toy away to see what she'd do. Here I think it looks like she's thinking about what to do.

However, she was content to lay on her side and suck her thumb. I watched this routine for hours this afternoon- just hoping to catch the moment on the camera. Oh well, she has fun rolling up on to her side now.

Still hoping to head to Anchorage tomorrow- we have quite the storm happening so not sure if the ferry will run tomorrow or not. Hope everyone who follows this is doing well and gearing up for the holiday season! I couldn't believe when I walked into the grocery yesterday and saw Christmas decorations out and Christmas candy! What happened to Thanksgiving? Oh well- I love this time of year and preparing for the holidays- plus it also means I'm getting closer to heading to South Dakota! Okay- I'm just rambling now, must get some sleep.