Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wacky Olympics!

Wacky Olympics ~ Romig Middle School ~ 2014

You read correctly - Wacky Olympics.  I had no idea what I was in store for as this is my first year at Romig, but what an amazing even to kick off the winter break.  We had an abbreviated schedule and then the last hour and half was Wacky Olympics.

The gym is packed with 7th and 8th graders all dressed in their team colors.  Each team assigned students to compete in a variety of events.  The teachers even competed too!

This was one of my favorite events as students tried to get the soccer ball into their goal.

Our team of teachers trying to beat out the 8th graders in the turbo ski race.

My favorite event for the afternoon... Yummy Gummy

Yep - that's me and my sped department chair as the teacher team. We had to shove our face in a plate of whip cream and get the gummy bears out using only our mouths.  It was hilarious!  I still had whip cream in my nose when I got home.  We took first in this event! 

The gym was so loud - but in such a positive way.  Even the most challenging students where smiling and having a good time.  I'm so blessed to be a staff member at this school and what a great way to kick off our Winter Break!

Our winter break includes a visit from Grandma Julie! Grandpa had to stay home to take care of the cows, but Grandma flies in tomorrow and will spend a little over a week with us.  We are so excited! We are also dog sitting for a friend - it's so wonderful to have a four legged member in the house again. 

This sweet girl, Penny, sits on the stairs each night listening for the kids to fall asleep. She's such a sweet girl.

Merry Christmas from the Jacobsen's!
We wish you all a wonderful break and time with family and friends.
 (Maybe sneak a nap or two in too!)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let the count down begin

4 more days of teaching students
1 teacher grading day
9 more sleeps and Grandma Julie will be here
12 more days until Christmas morning!

It's a busy time of year in the Jacobsen household.  Between Papa coaching wrestling and Momma trying to get all of her required paperwork completed for the end of the quarter - there hasn't been much time for photography.  We do have two very excited little monkeys that are counting down the days until Christmas!   They have leaving all the lights off except for the Christmas lights.  I love seeing the awe in their faces.  Such a special time for us all. 
Wishing you all a restful and productive weekend - if that is even possible?!? :o)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

Happy Belated Thanksgiving from two silly turkeys!

Yes, the darkness and lack of snow has our little turkeys being quiet silly these days.  We had a serious case of the giggles one night.  Sister just sat in this position laughing for no reason at all. It was infectious and before we knew it, we were all having deep belly laughs.   
Maybe Sister was just happy that we were going to be taking a trip soon.  Yes, we drove after work on Wednesday up to Fairbanks to spend Thanksgiving with Grammy and Pope.  The roads were dry and the kids traveled well, which was such a blessing because I was very ill.  I came down with laryngitis Tuesday afternoon, spent Wednesday writing on the SmartBoard so my students knew what to do for the day, and by Wednesday night the fever/chills set in as we drove north.  I spent the whole break being sick, however I was so thankful we made the trip so that Papa had some help with the kids.  Grammy and Pope were so kind to allow me to just rest and helped Papa entertain the kids.

While I was resting, a good friend recommend this book to me. WOW! I read the book in a day and half - I couldn't put it down. What an amazing book.  The story is told from the perspective of the family dog. I laughed, I cried, I highlighted some amazing quotes to live by and I can't stop recommending it to others.  It is available in digital copy if you prefer that version too!

By the end of the trip, I felt a little better and did venture out with the family for a night of bowling.  I sat and watched as I didn't have much energy but it was great to see how excited the kids were.  Sister is doing her dance after her turn.

Here's Brother doing his dance.  Even the other people bowling were entertained by the kids' enthusiasm.  Which was a wonderful way to come back home and get into the Christmas spirit.  We came home to some snow on the ground - hurray! It finally feels like winter around here and now time to get ready for Christmas.

We put our tree up after school this week. The kids had so much fun and yes most of the ornaments are about 3 feet high and in the front of the tree.  
I love it!

Sister asked if she could put the angel on this year. 

But, first she had to tell the angel that she loved her.
 So precious...

We were so thankful to spend Thanksgiving with Grammy and Pope and now this weekend a dear friend from Cordova is here to visit and in two weeks Grandma Julie is flying up to visit us! We are so excited and so thankful to be surrounded by family and friends (old and new) this holiday season.