Sunday, April 29, 2012

Puddles of Fun!

This past week was our first full week on our own! Leinna is still attending day care 3 days a week which is helpful for both her and I. She loves her friends and Ms. Sarah at day care and as for Momma, she can get house work done :o) 

So on the days Leinna is home, house work is put aside and we have some fun! 
We've had amazing weather the past week and enjoyed our time outside. 

With fresh puddles in the driveway...

Who could resist!
We had loads of fun running back and forth until she slipped and fell in the puddle. The picture above does not show very well how wet and muddy she was. After a quick hug for reassurance that she was okay, she was right back into running back and forth in the puddle. 

When we were not outside, Leinna found it very entertaining to read books to Lukkas.

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Emily, Lukkas now has an owl hat too!
I think I'm going to have to find the pattern and make a Momma and Papa owl hats :o) 

Amazing that Lukkas has been with us for a month already! He's changed so much already and I'm reminded to take time to cherish these moments because it really does go by too quickly. Lukkas is very different from Leinna in so many ways - I knew they weren't going to be exactly the same, but it's like being a brand new parent again because he is so different than she was. For example, Leinna HATED to be swaddled or snuggled with. She was good with hanging out on the floor until she needed to be fed. Even when she was falling asleep, she preferred to lay by herself and would dose off on her own.  Lukkas on the other hand is very much a snuggler and loves to be swaddled. He tolerates hanging out on his own for maybe 5 to 10 minutes and then lets such a cute little cry out that says, "I'm lonely and need a hug."
 Once he's back in your arms, he's content to observe the world from there. 

Have a wonderful week and know that we love and miss each and everyone of you who follow our adventures!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Shower

 On Saturday, April 21st, my fellow church/bible study ladies threw Lukkas and I a baby shower! We had a super yummy German Chocolate cake!! 

 Lukkas ready to go to his party! Doesn't he look just so excited. This would be the same face his Grandpa Emerson would make about going to a social gathering. 

 The ladies had all kinda of fun games planned. Here's a picture of Baby Bottle Bowling. We also played 'Price is Right' with baby items purchased locally in Cordova, such as diaper wipes and baby wash. The ladies showered Lukkas with love and wonderful gifts. This was just what I needed since Grandma Emerson had left Friday evening - the perfect distraction to get through the day. 

Miss Leinna was not invited to the party as it was during her normal nap time, but Momma brought balloons home from the party.  She loved that they floated to the ceiling and could pull them back down.  This morning when the balloons no longer "floated" she was a bit frustrated, but soon realized balloons are still fun to play with.  Thank goodness one did not pop- especially since she kept trying to stand and sit on them!!
 For those who were wondering if our snow is melting or not - it is!! 
We've had heavy rains during the night and early morning and then sun during the day which is helping get rid of the snow.
You can see the snow level back in January compared to now. We will probably still have snow in the yard come August- but I'm hoping it will at least be lower than the deck by then! 

This will be our first week without the assistance of Grandma Emerson. 
So, so thankful for the time she was able to come to Alaska to be with us!   


Sunday, April 15, 2012


Oh the joy of that simple question. Yes, Leinna has begun to ask, "Why?" to just about everything we say. It's so hard not to laugh when she asks because she has such an innocent look to her eyes- like she really wants to understand more. It's just too bad she doesn't quite understand your explanation and so she asks, "Why?" again and again.

At least we have a new dish set and a "hut" to distract her with. We don't have a very large living-room so we draped a blanket over the treadmill. Leinna thinks it's pretty neat to go sit in her "hut" and have a cup of tea!

Meanwhile- Mr. Lukkas is busy growing. He had his 2 week check-up - weighing in at 9 pounds 1 ounce and 22 inches long. All this growing is hard work and Lukkas often finds himself snuggling with Papa at the end of the day.

When Lukkas is actually awake- usually in the mornings, Leinna is busy giving him hugs and kisses.
We have been beyond blessed to have Grandma here with us. She will be heading back to Wisconsin on Friday this week. We are ALL going to miss her help and are so thankful she was able to spend over a month with us.
We had beautiful weather this past week. It's been rainy this weekend, but we'll take the rain to help "melt" away the snow. Hoping for some more sunshine as we enjoy the last week with Grandma.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

What a busy first week at home!

Mr. Lukkas celebrated 1 week of life!
He's such a good baby and is starting to settle into a little routine.

Leinna is adjusting well to Lukkas and has found that being the big sister is hard work!

The nap time pictures above just warm my heart. She's in her room and you can see her bed to the left there. She has recently decided that she needs to read more books than what Momma and Papa read to her before she goes to bed. She stays quiet in her room and occasionally you can hear her reading the story. When I no longer can hear her, I sneak up to her room to see how she's fallen asleep. Just love the 2nd picture- looks like she was trying to get down to go to her bed and just decided that was far enough. Too stinking cute!

As well as adjusting to life with 2 children, we also prepared for Easter!

Leinna had fun coloring eggs!

The Easter Bunny brought plastic eggs to hide instead of the ones we colored - didn't want to risk not finding one and having the house stink later! Leinna had fun finding the eggs and realized each egg had a special treat inside!

After finding the eggs, Leinna saw her Easter "baskets".

Grandma gave her a My Little Pony that had a little duck with it.
She was so excited to see the duck!

Leinna also received a play set of dishes and here she's pretending to feed herself and then of course everyone else had to have some too!

Amazingly - we were all dressed and ready for a photo shoot before heading to church this morning. A feat I'm rather proud of myself for :O)

Leinna and Lukkas ~ April 8, 2012

The Jacobsen Family ~ Easter 2012

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter spent with your loved ones!

(Now that both children are napping- time for Momma to nap too!!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to the world ~ Lukkas!

March 28, 2012 ~ Happy Birthday Nugget!

Nugget is a BOY! Born at 10:38pm weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces and 21.5 inches. Labor and delivery went well - nothing too exciting to report. Total time was about 12 hours, I did have my blood pressure dip a bit, but the nurses were right on top of things and kept me and the baby safe. Towards the end of labor, the baby was still pretty high and my nurse Yvette thought we may need to consider a c-section- BUT FIRST- she wanted me to try and lay in this position. I did and hurray- things moved right along and he was born without needing to do the c-section.

Baby's name: Lukkas Hans

I couldn't wait for Leinna to meet her new baby brother. My mom/grandma Julie came from Wisconsin to help with Leinna and plans to be here until April 20th!
I'm so very blessed to have her help!!

When Leinna walked into my room, she looked a bit nervous to see momma laying in a bed. However, once she realized I was okay, she was all about checking out her little brother. She loves touching his toes and giving him hugs!

Yes- in good ol' Papa fashion he had to wear his fugitive shirt on the day we left the hospital. He wore the same shirt when we left with Leinna.

Rookie parenting move- it was a little chilly, so we bundled Lukkas all up and then we were told by the nursing staff that his snowsuit was too bulky to be safely secured in the car seat. So, we unbundled him and covered him up with blankets.
The blanket in this picture is the same blanket Leinna came home from hospital in, as well as me and my mom. A very treasured blanket that I hope I will be able to pass down to my grand-kids some day.

We left the hospital on Friday and did all our crazy Anchorage shopping (i.e. Costco run, last minute Target/Fred Meyer items...). Sunday was our ferry ride home- the "slow" ferry was our mode of transportation. When booking the trip home, I thought how perfect, a night trip (5:30-midnight) - Leinna will sleep after dinner and we can all get some rest. WRONG! Leinna did not sleep AT ALL on the ferry ride home- and we had a very cranky almost 2 year old. Her new favorite thing is "NO, I DON'T WANT TO!" Thankfully, Lukkas did what he does best- eat, sleep and poop! The only challenge for him was keeping him warm because the ferry was definitely chilly.

Our first day home was full of unpacking and getting the laundry done. Lukkas found the best spot in the house was to hang out on the couch while everyone else was busy around him.

Just love this photo because Leinna use to sleep the exact same way. I'm finding some similarities between the two and already some difference. One big difference is diaper changing! YES, both Papa and I both have been peed on already :O)

Bailey has welcomed Lukkas into the pack. She still hides upstairs all day, but she's very aware at night when I'm feeding Lukkas and keeps me company.

Grandma Julie snapped this photo last night...

The new Jacobsen family night routine

It's so good to be home and enjoying this time with my family. I feel so blessed.

Waiting for baby to arrive

Hello Blogger friends and family - finally able to give you an update- but first, here is how Leinna spent her time waiting for Baby Nugget to arrive!

A neighbor of the friend with stayed with had an extra sled and said we could borrow it. What a life saver! With sunny weather and mild temperatures, we were outside as much as possible. The friend (Ruth) we stayed with has a gentle slope to her driveway- a perfect first hill to go sledding on!

Needless to say - Leinna LOVED it and would say, "Wheeee" all the way down the hill.

We also spent some time shopping.

Miss Leinna needed her own pair of sunglasses!

We spent time coloring and finger painting with Grandma.

And- we found ourselves back outside again!

Sure thankful for our friend Ruth and her hospitality.

40 Weeks... baby can come any day now...