Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone! 
We are all doing well - I little busy but doing very well. I can always tell when life is a little crazy because when I look back at the photos I've taken there are only a few. 

We had a fun Halloween as we had dinner and went Trick-or-Treating with our friends.  Momma and Papa say thank you kids for getting some awesome candy! So thankful to be doing life together with close friends!

Thankful for the kiddos! 
Sis got a hair cut! She's loving school this year and learning so much. I'm just amazed when she reads to us at bedtime.  I love watching her grow in all aspects of her life.  Brother is doing well too - never slows down as I realized all I have are videos of him and no still photos.  Ha!  Hard to believe that in just a couple of months he'll be turning five years old.  He loves his new daycare and she is doing amazing things to help him to be prepared for school next year.  The more wrestling, lego building, sword fighting in his day - the happier he is.  He's developed a true love for factual information - from size of animals to the details on a map.  This kid actually was content to sit and look at a large atlas of Alaska!  

Thankful for Dessa! 
This sweet girl often tries to participate when I do yoga. I end up laying down two mats, one for her and one for me - silly pup!  We've had several comments about how she's a much more relaxed and happier dog since her mountain adventure this summer.  We would agree!

Thankful for life!  
While busy with an evening commitment Monday-Thursday (sigh...), we are beyond blessed and thankful for life. Beautiful sunrises like this (man- the picture just doesn't do it justice) are a reminder of what a blessing each and every day is.  I can not promise it won't be another month before I write again - but please know how thankful I am for each of you that check-in on this little blog to see how we are doing.