Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ice Cream Alaska Style!

Even though we still have 3 feet of snow in the yard- we ALL are loving the sunshine.  I earlier posted about one of our reasons for leaving Cordova was due to the lack of sunshine.  Well, in good ol' Cordova fashion, we have had more sunshine than I can remember since moving here 6 years ago.  Trust me - not complaining one bit - but it certainly makes it even harder to leave.

Leinna certainly loves that the snow melts and then freezes nice and smooth in the yard.  We have our own skating rink!  Here she's pretending to slip and slide. 

What more could an Alaska girl want on a sunny afternoon - 
Ice Cream!  Yep - only in Alaska would a kiddo sit in the sun with her winter hat and coat on to enjoy an ice cream treat.  

She was even so kind to share with her brother!

In other news: Lukkas and I head to Anchorage tomorrow to see the eye doctor on Monday.  At his one-year check up, he did not pass his vision screening.  His eyes focus at different speeds and left untreated he could have vision issues.  So, we'll see what the course of treatment will be on Monday.  I also have an interview on Monday afternoon!  If I haven't already mentioned, Leif accepted a job in Anchorage teaching middle school math.  After some hurdles with my Anchorage application, I'm happy to say that kinks are worked out and hoping for a great interview on Monday.  Should be interesting as I'm getting/have the horrible cold that is going around our little town right now.  Ugh...

Well- kiddos are in bed and Leif is at prom - this momma is going to take some medicine and hope to feel much better in the morning.  Good Night!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loving springtime- even in the snow!

After a much needed first haircut (kinda hard to see the difference)

and full belly (trying to learn how to use a spoon) - 

its time to head outside and enjoy the springtime sunshine!

Almost too big to sit in the same chair together, but

never to big to share a puddle to splash in!

Mister is determined to mow the snow away!

After a fun day outside and a beautiful sunset, 

it's off to dream land!  Since birth, Mister has slept on his stomach with his little tush in the air and feet crossed - neat to see a year later that he still prefers this way of sleeping.

Amazing how the sunshine can help keep the chaos of life a bit more manageable.  Leif had a very busy week - I think we were able to sit at the same time for dinner once this week. However, with the craziness of the week we also have good news to share!  Leif accepted a job in the Anchorage School District as a middle school math teacher - teaching upper level math like Algebra and Geometry to 8th graders. I also had an interview and should know something by early next week.  
Excited that we now know where we are headed. 

May the craziness of spring-time continue!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April (snow) showers bring... ?!?

This week was full of snow! Yep - April snow-showers are going to bring our May flowers this year.  Leinna just loves being outside and she always has.  One thing nice about spring snowstorms is that it stays lighter and we get to see the sun peak through after the storm.  With the sun shining bright this morning, Leinna was itching to go outside and play.  We headed to our local park - even though it's still covered in snow.  Leinna thought it was pretty fun that she could "touch the ground" while sitting on the big girl swing. With every spring storm, comes more snow shoveling...  Don't you love how Leinna's helping shovel the deck off?  Such a little helper these days...

and growing into quiet the little girl.  Papa and I were just talking the other day about how grown up she seems these days.  She's sitting at the table without a booster, going potty all by herself, and has learned how to put her shoes and coat on independently (well, about 90% of the time).  After she finished painting a picture this morning, she says to me, "Momma, I need to put my name on it."  Okay- I said, thinking she would do some kind of random scribbles.  She wrote a line for each letter - and had the correct amount of lines for the number of letters in her name.  Man - I'd better not blink or she'll be headed off to college before I know it.

As for our little Mister - he's busy filling his belly - must be preparing for another growth spurt. 

So cute watching him dunk his cracker in a fruit spread.  

I think I'd better start a food savings account for when he's a teenager because he's already starting to eat me out of the house! 


No further news about where we are headed after Cordova.  We've had some interest in the house and made some contacts with principals in Anchorage, but nothing is official yet. It's challenging to be patient and wait for things to unfold ... definitely a lesson in prayer and trust. 

We hope you are enjoying spring-time in your neck of the woods! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunglasses in Cordova?!?

After such a busy weekend last weekend with Lukkas's birthday party and Easter Sunday, we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying the Cordova sunshine this week.  Such a rare treat to have multiple days in a row of sunshine - we even broke out the sunglasses for Lukkas we bought to use this summer.  It was great to pick up the kids from day care and head out for a walk before dinner.  

Happy Spring-time!