Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 front teeth!

Ha,ha.. finally captured a picture to show off Leinna's two front teeth! Break out the steak and potatoes! Just kidding- haven't really tried new foods lately, she was kinda fussy with this round of teething, so we stuck with food that I knew she liked. I think we will venture into some new foods this week since she's doing better now that the teeth have come through.
Yep- I'm making Leinna a sweater! This is my first attempt at a sweater. Princess Amelia's mom, Queen Sara, recommended the pattern and it's been a great pattern to follow. I still have the sleeves and hood to do, but those should go pretty quick once a get a quick lesson on some terminology in the pattern.
My goal is to have the sweater completed by the end of March. I figured the body of the sweater was going to take the longest. I started this back in December while in South Dakota. To be honest, I wasn't diligently working on the sweater. However, this is the great thing about knitting is you can pick up the project after a week of abandonment and it's like you never put the project down. I'm making the sweater for an 18 month old so Leinna can wear it big for awhile.
Finally allowed to play in the snow! Last week we had some fresh snow and after a beautiful walk with Papa and the dogs, Papa was just itching to put Leinna in the snow. She loved it and kept trying to roll to her stomach to try and eat the snow.

Here's a view from the hike we took. This is along Heney Ridge trail. I just love how the tree limbs naturally frame the mountain peak! We are having such a mild and beautiful winter here in Cordova. Love, love, love being able to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great President's Day Weekend

We celebrated President' Day Weekend, by first taking Friday off to enjoy the company of our good friends who came in from Anchorage.
Lambeau (aka Beau, Beau-Wubba) has known Koda since he was a puppy. One of his first places he traveled to was Cordova. It was so much fun to have him back and this time there was fresh snow to play in. It was also good for Koda. Our dear dog Koda is very ill and we are hoping he can hang in there until we head to Anchorage next month. He has a horrible infection on his skin and also his hips are getting pretty bad. Beau must have sensed that Koda was hurting, because he would lay down next to Koda and play with him that way. When we did go for longer hikes, Koda stayed behind :o( but Bailey was more than happy to run in the woods with Beau.
Lambeau's owner, Heidi, is a very close friend. Her husband was out of town this weekend and Leif was busy with home basketball games and the Homecoming Dance- so we had all kinds of girl time! We enjoyed the wonderful weather by getting out of the house and going on some hikes! I'll have to post those pictures later.
Finally, you can kinda see that Leinna has another tooth! Her front left tooth has made it's appearance and the right one isn't too far behind. She's smiling her because Lambeau makes her laugh. Koda and Bailey don't bark, but rather whine, like Husky's do. Lambeau occasionally would let out a very loud bark if he was anxious to get going on our hike or wanting to play. Leinna thought it was hilarious when he'd bark and would laugh so hard at him. I do have video of it, but having some trouble getting the video off my camera and onto my computer. When I get the problem solved, you can be sure I will post the video.

Such a wonderful long weekend! Thank you Heidi and Beau-Wubba for coming to Cordova!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Even though momma and papa choose not to celebrate Valentine's Day- I hope to change their mind some day. My papa had to go to Anchorage for V's Day so I convinced momma that she should dress me up! Check out my heart tights!! No way would papa have let me out of the house with those on :o) The tights are a bit too small any ways- sure was fun having momma show me off at school in my pretty outfit. Also, my wonderful daycare lady, Wendy, showed my cute outfit off at the assembly at elementary school.
So after my nap, (I made a diaper mess!) momma dressed me up in outfit number two! She kept trying to get a picture of the heart on the back of the sweater, but I kept turning around trying to grab her camera out of her hands- ha,ha... one day I will get that camera!

Thanks Grandma Emerson for the "Heartbreaker" bib. I've already soaked it up with all my drool. My top tooth is finally making it's appearance.

Finally, I've also been busy helping momma with the laundry. This also serves as the new bathtub picture! Momma didn't want to post any pictures that would be thought of inappropriately- however she did want me to share that I have graduated to the big girl bath! Those of you who have seen me "swim" on dry land, can just imagine how much fun I have in the tub! I'm still learning not to put my head in the water without my mouth open- good thing momma's always right there to help me!

I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day! Remember to tell the people you love that you love them on EVERY day of the year- don't save it for just special holidays. I recommend showing your love with a big, wet, slobbery kiss on the cheek! Well, maybe that just works for cute babies like me.

Monday, February 7, 2011


What a way to celebrate Leinna's 7th month birthday with the Super Bowl! Plus, our favorite team the Green Bay Packers won!! Leinna would laugh and clap her hands when I got excited from good plays by the Packers. She needed a nap after half-time- must of been too exciting watching her momma be a goof.

Happy 7th Month Birthday Leinna!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My little dish-washer!

So three days ago, Leinna could wheel up close to the dishwasher, but couldn't reach anything. Well tonight she figured it out! She couldn't reach the silverware holder on it's own, so she pulled the bottom rack out far enough so she could reach it! It's such a joy to watch her figure out things in her world! Even though I have no picture- we were so close to crawling tonight. She was up on hands and knees and lifted her hand to go and then... face plant in the floor. After that she was content to do her "swimming" motions.

We've also been out enjoying the beautiful weather. Our house is in the shadow of a mountain so we don't have much direct sunlight. However for a brief few minutes today, the sunlight was coming through the window. Amazing how a little sunshine can bring such excitement. Anyways, so yes- nice sunny weather... I think the dogs would have disowned me if I didn't get them out for a walk today, so we bundled up and headed out to Orca Bay for a walk. Leinna loves being outside and we enjoyed the sunshine! Our Koda is getting quite a bit slower in his walks, be he too enjoys being outdoors.