Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

While enjoying an after Christmas hike with some friends, we stumbled upon some Christmas ornaments hanging in the tree. I loved seeing this and was reminded that spirit of Christmas can be found anywhere. 

I just love this picture - what would you put as the caption? Ha, ha...

We truly had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed starting a new family tradition of making homemade sweet rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. I was very proud of Papa as he used his mother's recipe. 

Papa's mother is an amazing cook and to try and get an exact recipe from someone who does a majority of her cooking from memory was a bit of a challenge for Papa. However, the rolls turned out great and were a wonderful treat Christmas morning.

True to three year old behavior, Brother started the morning in just a wonderful mood as you can tell. We decided he needed a little snack before we could enjoy opening the gifts. Once the food hit and the mood changed - he was all about it.

Sister was her polite, cheerful self - even at 5:15 am!  We didn't start our morning then - I was able to stretch it about by telling the kiddos I needed to walk the dog, and then Papa had to have some coffee and that was about as long as we could prolong the morning.

Sister was quite pleased to see some special gifts that she'd been asking for since her birthday in July.

Dessa enjoyed her morning treats too...

and so did Papa.

2015 has been an interesting year full of milestones, challenges and victories. We look forward to a new year and what is in store for our family.  Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year! 
Love - The Jacobsen's

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aaahh... winter break!

Yes! Some Wacky Olympics at school on Thursday to finish the week with students. You know I was competing and since I work with students on different teams- I tried to compliment all my team colors in my outfit! Ha,ha...   Friday was a grading/work day and then we were ready to officially be on break! 

Our first official project for the break was to get our cookies decorated!

We had lots of fun and made a huge mess!

As the kids get older, it's fun to see their personalities come out in the decorations. 

Such a good pup - did not even attempt to come into the kitchen to lick up the fallen sugar and candies.  She was perfectly content to sit by the tree and supervise what was happening outdoors.

Project Number 2 

new windows installed - Merry Christmas to us!  After some cold snaps and seeing frost grow from inside the windows through the screen to the outdoors - we knew we needed to make this improvement sooner than later.  The two windows in the living room were done today, and bedrooms will be done tomorrow.  We can already feel the difference!

Just three more days until Christmas! These two are beyond excited and thank goodness for the snow covered ground so we can get some daily sledding in to burn their energy! 

Merry Christmas Everyone - wishing you all a safe holiday season and quality time spent with loved ones.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

My dog has a record :(

How in the world could this snuggle bug of a sweet dog possibly have a record?

Well - she does.  I'd have to say that she is not at fault - well, let me just tell you the story.

This past week has been a bit crazy for our family. Papa left town early Thursday morning for coaching.  Friday morning, Sister was sick with the vicious stomach bug. Saturday we all seemed on the mend.  Sunday - Momma's turn with the stomach bug.  With everyone sick and Papa out of town, Dessa did not receive her daily walks.  Back to Sunday, Papa flew home and then had to go help our elderly friend. Picking a time when you'd expect the kiddos to be napping - it should have been fine.  Well, since I was so sick, the kiddos had been watching several movies that morning and were not tired for nap time.  I tried to convince the kids to watch one more with me as I was running to the bathroom about every hour.  Dessa - sensing I was not doing well, was curled up at my feet while we all laid on the floor to rest.  I dosed off, kids started goofing around, I woke up to the blood curdling scream of Brother and a glimps of Dessas teeth on Brother's head.  Oh SH@*!   What happened - the kids were wrestling around and Brother tripped on my legs and landed surprisingly on the dog who was resting by my feet.  Sigh... Papa - not home from helping our friend yet.  Brother - puncture wounds on his head bleeding like crazy. Momma- setting Brother down on the floor so she can turn to the kitchen floor to throw up for easy clean up later.  Sister- total rock star and jumped in to help by grabbing towels for Brother's bleeding head.  I think medical profession in her future?

Thankfully - we got the bleeding under control and no stitches were needed.  However, a trip to the ER happened, because Brother's eye swelled shut and we couldn't tell if his eye had been damaged or not.  Again, some answered prayers that with an ice pack and some numbing medicine for his eye, we were able to see that he just had a scratched cornea.  All would heal, medicine would prevent any infection.  The ER staff almost admitted Momma because she ran to the bathroom to be sick again and came out very white and light headed - what can I say - hour 12 of being sick, there wasn't much food in my body.  Sigh...

We took the day off Monday to just rest and recover.

Thankfully, Brother shows no signs of Dessa and if anything I have to remind him to be kind and gentle with her.   So why is Dessa on home quarantine?  Since we went to the ER, the incident had to be reported to Animal Control.  State of Alaska has a law that states an animal can be in home quarantine instead of at the pound if you can prove that the dog's shots are current.  So - Dessa is basically under house arrest for the next 10 days.  Counting my blessings that she did not have to go to the pound and also beyond thankful that Brother's injuries were not more severe. 

Our week ended on a much more positive note!  Sister's school had a Santa Shop available for students to go and shop for whomever was on their list with money sent in.  Sister was beaming with pride at the items she purchased for Papa, Momma and Brother.

Looking forward to 4 more days with students, 1 work day for teachers and then a much needed winter break. Papa will be done with wrestling next weekened too - so we all will truly be on break!  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time to Decorate

I'd say it's become a family tradition that when Papa is away for the first weekend in December due to coaching, the kids and I decorate for the Christmas season.  Papa is not one for decorating, so it's more fun when he is away. 

We are definitely still at that stage of using non-breakable ornaments as the kids had the box opened and started decorating before I could even finish putting the lights on. 

 So much joy in watching them decide where each ornament should go and I giggled to myself as I noticed our ornaments are reaching higher places this year.  

We also had to consider tree placement this year.  Our sweet Dessa loves looking out the window so rather than center the tree on the window, we compromised and gave her her space as well. 

So thankful the kids were feeling well enough to decorate the tree. We've had the stomach flu go through the house this past week. So, it's been lots of snuggles and laundry. 

The life of a teacher doesn't stop for sick little ones...

playing catch up on grading and lesson planning, while the kids did their own activities.  I love that even though they were not feeling well, they still wanted to help me out. 

Hoping you all are healthy and getting some much needed rest.  It's such a busy time of year and one can easily find themselves exhausted. Take time to snuggle, rest and enjoy just being still this week.