Monday, March 5, 2012

It's the Final Count Down!

Well, blogger friends and family, as this week of "lasts" approaches, I'm going to be taking Leinna's advice...

"When you face plant in the snow, you might as well get up and eat the snow along the way!"

This week promises to be a very busy and emotional week.

Here we are at 36 weeks with "Nugget" - We are in our "last" month - amazing how fast this pregnancy has gone by. The doctor in Cordova said things are looking great and then gave me his home and cell number 'just in case' I went into labor before getting to Anchorage. Let's pray that doesn't happen! This is also my "last" week of teaching at Cordova Jr/Sr High School.

My "last" knitting project for awhile...
I made Leinna a green blanket before she was born. It's hard to see the pattern on this blanket because of the color, however I followed the same stitch, just made my own pattern. I like it and think it turned out great. I enjoy knitting very much and hope that when I find my routine with two young children, I will again pick up the knitting needles and get creative!

Not really a "last" in the next few pictures, other than signs that Leinna is moving towards more and more independence.
We received yet again more snow! Leinna was determined to walk down the stairs by herself.
Well, with all her snow gear on and the snow surrounding her- I figured it was probably the safest place for her to practice.
Here she is planning her route!

Half way there!

Success! She was so proud of herself and spent a good 15 minutes going up and down the stairs while I pushed some snow out of the way. Leif was out of town and I was NOT allowed to shovel - so I did my best by pushing snow to make a few paths for us and the dogs.

As an earlier blog stated, these are our "last" days with Koda.

He's been such a wonderful dog and I wish so much that I could make him feel better so that he could stay with us longer. However, I realize that death is apart of life and I need to remember all the wonderful times we've had with Koda.

We'll be headed to Anchorage in 6 days!
My next blog update will be announcing whether our Nugget is a boy or girl :o)