Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter ~ 2016 

What a wonderful Easter week we have had!

Coloring Easter Eggs with friends on Wednesday!
Attended Good Friday service on Friday.

Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday - no pictures of the actual hunting of eggs but...

we had fun sitting in the firetruck!

Fun candy shaped Easter boxes arrived from Grandma Julie! 

Where were the Easter baskets hidden this year?  
"To find your Easter Basket - You must Look - Not by the book - But where we cook!"  (Sister was able to read the clue by herself!)

They thought it was pretty hilarious that the baskets ended up in the stove. 

We attended a wonderful church service this morning and then enjoyed an Easter lunch with some great friends!  My heart and soul are full. So thankful for friendships that make being away from family a little easier around the holidays.
Happy Easter - friends and family - love and miss you all!

(And now tomorrow we celebrate this crazy monkey's 4th birthday!)


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February's Family Date Night

 2016 Date Nights!

I think I may have shared before and if I did already, my apologies. It's the end of 3rd quarter, spring break is a short 7 school days away and I had 3 fillings and my crown put on today - needless to say my brain is not functioning at 100%. Ha.  But, I actually have two kiddos happily playing without my referring, I mean direct involvement so I thought I'd update the blog. 

So our family date day/night for February was to go sledding. Perfect, one would think with winter season still upon us. However, the weather did not cooperate to bring us any fresh snow. Instead we have ice, ice and more ice. We should have rented some ice skates instead, but decided to pick a new slip. We found ourselves with making homemade pizzas instead.

I don't think I've seen a happier little boy being told that, yes - you can grab a handful of flour and throw it on the counter. Can you see his little cheeks popping out over his shoulder? - priceless!

Time to roll the dough out.

Adding sauce was a bit messy, I mean fun!

But the best part was yet to come... CHEESE

Oh my word- I gave each kiddo their own bowl of cheese to put on their half of the pizza. We had cheese e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  Yes - Sister literally threw her cheese in the air to see how it would land on the pizza.  Oh the memories that we made!

With a few pineapples and left over ham bits, we finally got the pizza in the oven.

I'd say the pizzas turned out great and we had tons of fun!  

March date day/night - BOWLING!!! Plus we've got Brother's 4th birthday coming up.  Going to be a busy month. 

Until next time - much love to you all!