Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy, busy, busy little girl!

Well, our first week back after being in Anchorage was a busy one. Above, Leinna is sporting her new coat we bought for her. I was just amazed that most 9 month items are too small for her and 12 month items should fit at least a month or two. At her check-up the doctor even said, she won't be a small girl! That's for sure!!
Leinna also decided to let me know what recipe she wanted me to cook. This is an old cook book that I rarely use recipes out of, so I let her have fun ripping out the pages. She would laugh every time she got a page out and I would ask her- are you sure you want this one? She would throw the page on the ground and go to the book to tear out some more!

Saturday morning as Leif was grinding his coffee and I had water going for tea, we looked over and Leinna had pulled a coffee mug off the shelf. I guess she wanted her morning cup of joe too!
This weekend Leinna also discovered the stairs. She didn't climb them, but discovered the art of being able to pull herself up onto her knees. Before long she'll be pulling herself up to walk along the furniture. Whew- it's a whole new level of energy to have a child that is independently mobile now!!
Finally, after a very busy week, Leinna and I found ourselves with colds. Papa has the magic touch when it comes to helping Leinna fall asleep.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time With Papa


The best I could do with trying to get a picture of Leinna crawling. She sure is getting fast and so thankful we bought some gates in Anchorage this past weekend to "corral" her in!

Part of Leinna's routine when Papa comes home is she that she goes right for his pens.

And feels so proud of herself that she pulled them out of his pocket. While we were in Anchorage, Papa didn't have his pens in his pocket and every time he picked Leinna up, she would search for his pens.

While momma was busy shopping, Leinna had fun playing with Papa's shoe!

While in Anchorage, Pops (Grandpa Jacobsen) and Grandma Jacobsen came down to visit too. Leinna looked so small sitting on the couch with Pops and Papa. We had a busy trip but it was fun to see everyone. Koda's appointment went well- he's on medicine now and should be doing better soon. The vet basically said, move or else continue to deal with Koda's infection. He seems to be allergic to something in our home.

With all the craziness of going to Anchorage and such, I forgot to take pictures of Leinna's first St. Patrick's Day :o( She was wearing green!! Hope everyone is enjoying the first days of spring!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meal Time Messy and More

Cordova- we have lift off!! Yes, Leinna is a crawler! Leinna started putting a few crawling movements together Wednesday night and by Saturday she's been cruising around the room to get the objects of her desire. The poor dogs don't know what to think about Leinna being independently mobile. When she was in her walker, she couldn't ever "reach" the dogs because the dog pillows stop her. Now she can crawl right up to them if Momma and Papa don't snatch her up to move her back. I'll try to get pictures of her crawling this week to post later.

My fellow Cordova blogging buddies have been posting pictures about the wonderful weather we are having. We too have been out and enjoying the sunshine. The picture above was more of a sunset walk as we waited for Papa to get home from work to go for a walk out at Hartney Bay. Just love the winter weather we are having !!

Yes- so I braved the idea of letting Leinna feed herself this past week. Only at her dinner time meal because it's close to bath time then. I love that Leinna has hair, but it sure does make for a mess at meal time. Here she was feeding herself oatmeal, bananas and a graham-cracker.
Sorry if this picture grosses anyone out- but it still cracks me up. Leinna was laughing every time she took a bite of her cracker. So of course I laughed and then she thought we were playing a game and so she'd take a bite and laugh so more- oh it was just too funny.

We hope everyone has a great week. We will be busy heading to Anchorage on Thursday via the ferry to take Koda up to the vet to see what treatment we can get going for his skin infection. Also, going to take in some state basketball games with Grandma and Grandpa Jacobsen. Should be a busy but fun week!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Month 8 Begins

Look out world- I'm ready to go shopping!
I know my momma's got money in here somewhere?!
Momma's not ready to trim any of my hair yet, so I often end up with a clip on the side of my head to hold my bangs out of my eyes. I really like to give momma a hard time while she puts it in, but then I leave it alone.
Pretty serious to have an 8 month birthday.
Oh- I guess it's not that bad.
Yep- it's okay to get older!

We had such a busy few days with Papa gone for regional basketball tournament. In fact, I was so worn out, my momma and I took a nap yesterday at 5:30pm, woke up at 8:30, had my bath and took a bottle and back to bed I went until 7:00 am! That- or maybe I'm going through another growing streak. So, happy my papa is on his way home!! Can't wait to show him how close I am to crawling. I guess technically you could say I crawled this afternoon- I went one hand forward and my knee came forward too! Plus I didn't even face plant. It kinda scared me that I moved forward without falling on my tummy, so I just decided to lay down and play. Won't be long and I'll be up and cruising around!