Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full Moon and the Flu

As this past week led up to an amazing full moon, the Jacobsen household battled the flu bug.  The virus moved from Papa to Mama to Lukkas.  Leinna some how lucked out and it avoided her.  Must be her strong-willed-2-year-old personality that scared the flu away from her. 

Being sick didn't slow the kiddos down one bit!  Two days at home - we found ourselves making forts out of kitchen chairs and blankets.  Tried to get Lukkas to turn around, but he was having more fun squealing at Leinna.

By the end of the week, we were all healthy and back to 'normal.'  After not much of an appetite for a couple of days, Lukkas had no patience for Momma to feed him.  The photo did not pick up just how covered he was in cereal - but he had a great time trying to figure out how to feed himself with a spoon.

Looking forward to a healthy week. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mini-van? No Thank you... Double stroller- YES please!

Even though Leinna is fully capable of completing a walk on her own, sometimes its just nice for her to have a spot to take a ride.  Santa brought us a double seated stroller.  I must say, I love it!  Leinna can stand or sit in the back - and it's super easy to collapse and get in the car.  Win-win all the way around!

What's better than the double seated stroller?

The box that it came in of course!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Want to wrestle?

And it begins...
This is a nightly occurrence in The Land of Leinna and Lukkas - wrestling time!

Back to work this week - so we were all happy to be back in a routine.   Our weather is complete opposite from last winter - we've had rain, rain and more rain.  We are planning a trip down to Wisconsin this summer to see my mom and dad.  If this rain continues all winter - it will sure be a welcomed vacation to see the sunshine!

May you all have a productive week!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What will 2013 bring?

Happy New Year to all our friends and family.  We had Leif's mom and dad visiting with us for a few days. It was great to spend time with them and be able to watch some of the college bowl games.  Leif's family really enjoys watching football and I just sit back in awe when they watch a game together. The statistics and details of the game that they all know - it's just amazing.  I should not say that I sit back in awe, because things are extremely busy these days with the kiddos.

Lukkas is 9 months old now! When did that happen?  
His check-up went great!  Weighing in at 23.9 pounds and 29 1/2 inches long! What a tank!!
He likes to give you high fives and if you tell him no, he'll shake his head back at you.  He's also very busy trying to walk.  We have a game where I will put him at arms length away and he'll 'walk' back to me.  He loves it - and recently he will pull himself and then push off to see if he can keep his balance. When he does keep his balance, he lets out such a cute giggle.  He's definitely all boy - loves to wrestle around with Leinna and finds things to bang.  Sometimes the word 'hi' or 'da-da' escapes his mouth - but mostly its grunts.

Leinna at 2 1/2 years now, is more verbal than ever.  I keep reminding myself that this is really a blessing that she can express what she needs and understands what we say in return.  She's definitely a parrot right now and has taught us that we really need to be careful of what is being said on tv.  We were recently watching one of our recorded shows, The Voice, when the judges were bantering back and forth and one of the judges said 'bitching.'  Well without a second to go by, Leinna asks, 'Momma, what's bitching?"  Oh dear... well Leinna, its a word that we don't need to say.  She seemed content with the answer and we haven't heard it since. Thank you Lord!  She continues to develop her imaginary play and you will find yourself being "sshh" by Leinna because her baby is sleeping.  Leinna loves to sing songs and you'll likely hear her sing "I'm working on the rail road" as she goes to sleep at night.

So, what will 2013 bring? 

We are hoping for moments and memories that fill our hearts with joy! 

Happy New Year!

Christmas Time

We hope everyone had a blessed time with family and friends this Christmas season.  We spent Christmas Eve and Day starting our own family traditions.  It was great to just hang out as a family of four and enjoy the laughter and time together. 

A Christmas Eve tradition we started this year is to make sugar cookies in the morning. Leinna had a great time helping me make them...

 and enjoyed the fruit of her labor!

Lukkas had his version of helping too!

Christmas morning tradition- kiddos had to have breakfast before we could open presents! We thought it would be best to have happy children opening presents versus hungry kids!  Bailey wasn't too sure about this idea of waiting!

Lukkas had a great time for his first Christmas.  So much fun that we ended up sticking him in his exer-saucer toy so we could manage things a little easier.  Even from there, he found ways to "open" his presents :O)
Leinna had the present opening all figured out... She loved and enjoyed every gift and even wanted to help mom and papa with theirs.  A few of her favorites...
 A camera that actually takes pictures

and her new Minnie Mouse jammies and Mickey Mouse.  I have a feeling her 3rd birthday may be a Mickey Mouse party!

We had a wonderful day and enjoyed a nice turkey dinner. We were all pretty tired and I think everyone was sleeping by 8:30pm!  We had a busy rest of the week - went to Anchorage on the 27th, full day of doctor appointments on the 28th and then back home on the 29th with Grandma and Pope (Leif's mom and dad).  We enjoyed the company as we rang in the New Year!