Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just the Girls

This past week it was just Leinna and I. Leif was off to Anchorage for a one day conference and then went north for some moose hunting with his dad. No luck moose hunting, but Leinna and I had fun just the two of us plus the dogs :o)

The weather has been pretty rainy and yucky but we did have some sunshine on Sunday. Before Leif flew home, we got the dogs out for a walk. As you can see, Leinna is just as excited to get out of the house as the dogs were. I wish I could take credit for the owl hat, but I must give credit to our wonderful friend Heidi who bought it as a gift for Leinna.

When Papa would call for the night - Leinna would get so excited to hear his voice!

I think Leinna is trying to give me a hint that we need to get her her own little chair to sit on. I don't think Koda much appreciated being used as a resting spot.

With "Nugget" (aka Baby #2) on the way, we find it rather entertaining that she likes to put her diapers in the trash. When she's completed the task, we always tell her thank you or good girl. Now she beats us to it and says "goo-grl" or "ank-u" - so stinking cute!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, big girl bed and more...

Today marks the 10th anniversary of September 11th. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on that tragic day. I will be forever grateful to the men and women who serve our country.

Another event to remember on 9/11 is that Leif purposed to me back in 2004. We had just started our master's program and had to travel to Silverton, Colorado to meet our class cohort for the first time. Leif had a football game to coach Saturday morning back in Steamboat which was about a 2 hour drive away. So, I went to class and thought nothing of it. Late in the afternoon Leif called to say the game was over and he was just leaving Steamboat. Okay -so I figured I'd see him in about 2 hours. To my surprise he showed up about 10 minutes later! Okay- at this point I knew something was up but I wasn't sure what exactly. We went out to dinner at a local pub and Leif kept rushing me to finish. At this point, I knew. After dinner we went for a walk along the docks. Leif distracted me by looking at some bird and when I looked back at him he had the ring across his heart and asked me to marry him! The rest is history....

Time for big girl bed :o) Leinna was all to excited to help put things together. We were thankful to get the bed from a friend in town who no longer needed it for her little girl.

The bed looks so tiny where the crib once was, but Leinna does well sleeping in her big girl bed. I did wrap the headboard with the "bumper" pads from the crib for a little bit of comfort. She only took a face plant once - the afternoon we were setting it up and getting organized. She busted her lip open a little but is a quick learner and now goes feet first to get out of her bed.
So, you may be wondering why are we putting Leinna into a big girl bed when she's only 14 months old? Well....

That's not a picture of me gaining weight - it's a picture of baby bump #2!!

Leinna's nickname was 'Peanut' and Baby #2 is going to be nicknamed 'Nugget'. We are happy to say that 'Nugget' has a due date of end of March/early April. First appointment went well and we learned there was only 1 baby - we thought maybe there were 2 as I have started to show much earlier than I did with Leinna and with this pregnancy - I can eat non-stop and never feel full!
So "Nugget" will remain "Nugget" until he/she is born. Like with Leinna we plan not to find out the sex of the baby nor share the names we are considering.

Until the next update- we hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Legos With Papa

Okay, okay - so this isn't a picture of Leinna playing Legos with Papa- but I promise I posted those too. I just couldn't resist putting this picture up. I did give Leinna another haircut. I just trimmed up around her eyes so she could see again. I feel bad having to put her hair up every day just so she can see. So now- when she pulls her pony-tails out (little stinker use to leave them alone - not any more!) she can actually see where she is going.
Same day- just after having BBQ's for dinner. Leif just rolls his eyes at me when I let Leinna feed her self. I say, let her have at it - when else in your life is it cute to be this messy after eating?!?

Okay... Legos with Papa
When I try to play Legos with Leinna, it's a race to see if I can get more than 3 pieces connected before she tries to take them apart. Thus my surprise when I finished doing the dinner dishes to see Leinna helping Papa build a tower on wheels!
After she'd give Papa the next piece, Papa said, "Thank You" and I swear Leinna said, "welcome"
Finishing touches :O)

Not much else to report. We enjoyed the nice 3 day weekend by hanging out in our PJ's and watching some college football. We also enjoyed the down time to get over our colds. Seems like everyone is on the mend! Leinna has all 4 molars coming in now - it's so strange to see those big teeth in her mouth when she smiles really big. Just one step closer to being a big girl!