Friday, February 21, 2014

President's Day Weekend

Last weekend, we were blessed to have a four day weekend! Friday off because we had student led conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and Monday off for President's Day.
So what did the Jacobsen crew decide to do?

We made a road trip to Fairbanks to see Grandma Cynde and Pope of course.  
It was nice to get out of town and just be off grid for a little bit - but the trip also had an agenda.

Leif and his dad are building the kids bunk beds that can later be used as individual beds.  They've made a few changes in how the top of the bed posts are going to look and adding a guard rail for the bottom bed - but I'm so exited to see how this project turns out. 

So - Leif and his dad spent the weekend cutting out the various pieces.  We plan to go back up during spring break so they can finish the beds.  We definitely post pictures as the project continues.

But - the trip wasn't all work and no play...
It may have only been in the single digits, but 4 inches of fresh snow as calling our names to go out and play!

This perfect little snow pile allowed the kids to climb up and slide down on their own.  
And when the single digit temperatures were too cold...

We just pretend to drive the 4 wheeler in the heated garage! 

We had a wonderful trip  - kids traveled pretty well and we saw 4 moose on the way home.  Being in the city, I definitely miss seeing wildlife.  Occasionally I will see a bald eagle or moose, but not the daily occurrences like in Cordova or Fairbanks.

We came home to a busy week.  Arriving home Monday afternoon, I quickly stocked the fridge, did a load of laundry, took a shower and then was out the door.  To do what you may wonder?  Well- a dear friend of mine had an extra ticket to see Ani DiFranco!!  WHAT!!! It was so exciting - why we didn't take a picture of us at the concert?!?- I don't know- maybe because we were in awe and just enjoyed every moment of the concert.  

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday this week - our dear friend from Cordova came to visit.  She had a special surprise for little miss...

yes- a hand knitted sweater - it's so cute and a little big now, which is perfect so that she can wear it for a while.   The colors are perfect- purples and blues... I think Leif was worried it was going to be bright pink! ha, ha,...  
This past week and half has been busy but full of so many blessings.  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws, amazing women/friends in my life and my own little family.  

(This kid loves the camera and throws a fit if I don't take his picture when the camera is out)

May you have a weekend full of unexpected blessings!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brother and Sisterly Love
These two are such morning kiddos.  This was taken at 6:30am - just hanging out waiting for me to get their breakfast on the table.  

We had such a busy week with student led conference Wednesday and Thursday night - we have a half day of teaching with students, and then conferences from 12:20-7pm, with an hour dinner break from 3-4pm.  Sure makes for a really long day, but the positive is no school for us on Friday (or Monday for President's Day!!).  So - what will the Jacobsen clan do for our 4 day weekend?

First- enjoying Valentine's Day gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Emerson!

Thank you so much and they make perfect gifts for our little road trip this weekend.  
Leif's dad's birthday is the 15th and he will be turning 65 this year - so we thought since we have a 4 day weekend - let's head to Fairbanks.   

Hoping to get on the road early tomorrow - so I'd better make this short.  
Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 7, 2014

Legos and Dress Shoes!

 What have the Jacobsen kiddos been up to this week?  Well, we've all been passing a cold back and forth, so I spent last weekend doing some deep cleaning in hopes of a healthier family in return. That backfired and I ended up sick this week and both kids are coughing again :o(   I should have expected this since we are in a new living environment and not to mention all the germs Leif and I acquire at school each day.  Oh well - sick or not, the kids are still full of energy and finding ways to entertain themselves. 

While taking a break from the cleaning - Leinna decided it would be fun to model my dress shoes. 

Not to be out done by his sister ...
Lukkas joined in too!!

After modeling the shoes it was time for a Lego tower!
Leinna sure was proud of her tower and where was brother?

Lurking near by plotting how he was going to knock the tower down!  

Sure hope we can all get healthy soon.  I've had to cancel/reschedule a play date with potential new friends due to our illness.  On the bright side, our days are getting noticeably longer and its feeling like winter again.  We had very weird warm weather and rain the last few weeks - just didn't seem right.  Now we are back to colder temps and even had fresh snow on the ground this morning.  
Have a wonderful weekend!