Saturday, February 21, 2015

The power of a box

We had conferences this past week and then 1/2 day of in-service on Friday. It was a very busy week and I found myself tired and short on patience most evenings. My brother shared the above image with me. It made me smile and made me remember to look for the little things in life when things are super crazy.  To take time to smile and enjoy the chaos. 

Then, Mother Nature blessed me with an amazing sun rise. I'm so thankful for the view I have from my classroom window.

Finally, with all that was going on this week, I watched Sister and Brother transform a box into a train which soon became a ferry boat and then a house and finally a couch. I love watching their imaginations and I was remind of the importance of play.  As an adult, the pressures to work, pay bills, take care of the house - can leave one feeling like they don't have much time for anything else OR we are simply too tired for anything else. I've been reminded (again) this week to take time to play.  I hope you all can find an activity or two to simply enjoy this weekend. 

Friday, February 13, 2015


I love this view from my classroom. We had about an inch or so of fresh spring snow fall this week - it was so lovely to see everything white again - especially with our brighter days!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - I'm not a romantic and I will spare you from reading my true thoughts on Valentine' s Day - but I will say that Valentine's Day does remind me to be thankful for the many blessings in my life - especially the people.  If you are reading this - then you are one of those people that I love and cherish our relationship. 

Valentine's Day also make me think about my little ones... Sister and Brother show their love and accept love in very different ways.

Sister is my "please-er" - she loves to do things around the house that she views is a way of helping Momma or Papa. Recently, she's enjoyed sorting the socks for me. She's also a kiddo who needs to hear words of affirmation. She just beams when she's been told that she did something right or made a good choice.  I'm just amazed at what the little girl she is now and not so much a toddler or really even pre-schooler.  In fact for Valentine's Day at her daycare, she wanted to color each friend a picture. Here's a picture for her teacher/day care lady...  not too bad for her age.

Brother is my snuggle-bug. He feels loved with physical touch - if he's not hungry and still a little cranky - I can give him bug hug, snuggle on the coach for a few minutes and he's happy and ready to go again.   He's also very much 'boy' in showing his affection with rough and tumble play. He just loves to wrestle his sister, much to her dismay.

Here he was giving me kisses on the cheek and then making this big goofy smile - I'm so surprised I actually captured a good picture.

I just love these two so much - I love that with the help of Papa, they come to visit me when I'm working late at school (which was a lot this week now that Papa is done with wrestling season) - and like to pretend that they are doing paperwork also.  
I'm so blessed to have these two in my life!

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bubbles, Light and Fur

Sister is reaching an age where she really only needs 15 to 20 minute power nap or quiet time and then she's ready to go again. As a working mother, I'm just not ready to give up the quite time for my own selfish reasons. So, we are getting creative these days on how to keep Sister independently entertained so I can have a least 30 minutes of not being called mom or someone needing something.  Bubbles... the dish soap bottle was empty so I asked her to rinse it out - knowing she would have a sink of bubbles when she was done.  Mission accomplished - she was independently entertained - singing songs, pretend play and more.  

At a stop sign leaving my neighborhood, my breath was taken away with this view. The glow of the rising sun surrounding the mountains on this freezing February morning.  I'm so thankful we are gaining more and more sunlight each day.  

We had a Miners and Trappers Ball theme dance for the middle school kids this week in celebration of Anchorage's Centennial. The students thought we were crazy wearing our fur hats - we are, but that's the fun in working with middle school aged kids.  

I've been reminded several times this week in various situations to embrace the moment, make the most of it, and spread the positivity.
 Life is too short - love and take care of one another.