Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Weekend begins

Just being kids...

We were cleaning the downstairs guest room to prepare for our visit from Ms. Shannon and the kids were just cracking me up - from helping me make the bed to their imaginary play.  I just love these two more than words could ever describe.  I'm one blessed momma to have the privilege of raising these little darlings.

The kiddos had an Easter Party at daycare this week. Sister was so excited to hunt for Easter eggs and it appears that Brother had a great time too. 

They even made special bunny ears ... 

I love how Brother's two front teeth are popped out like Bugs Bunny - ha,ha...
Thanks to our day care lady for taking pictures of all the fun.

Papa has been busy coaching track and field and that means that he's not getting home until after 6pm.  So, we decided to surprise him at practice and go out to dinner tonight.   While Papa was gathering up his stuff, Sister was immediately drawn to the white board.  Can we say future teacher?  

After dinner, Papa took the kiddos home so that I could attend the Good Friday service at church.  It was an amazing service - the pastor asked 7 members of the church to each take one of the 7 sayings Jesus said on the cross and speak on it for 5 minutes or so.  Some people gave personal testimony and others read passages from books that spoke to the verse.  It was a very unique service and the worship team sang beautiful songs to end the service.  
So on this Good Friday, I would ask you...

 to take a moment and reflect on your life.  We are all broken and we are all sinners.  What a powerful day to reflect and think about Jesus and his death on the cross.  I will make mistakes and I will not always be my best... but I know that God loves me and I can seek forgiveness through Jesus.  And then - try again.  Try again to do better, try again to make the better choice, try again to reach out and serve those who are in need...  May you take this weekend to reflect - and find the hope and joy in a risen Savior on Easter morning.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Another week in the books!

Sunrise as I arrived at work this morning!  Our current sunlight is from 6:51am to 9:12pm and we are gaining almost 6 minutes of sunlight each day!  Not only are our days getting longer and brighter - but warmer too.  It's nice to feel the warmth of the sun again. 

Old man winter is trying to hang on this week as we got about an inch of new snow.  It made for a fun afternoon of playing in some fresh snow.  Sister thought it was funny to throw snowballs at me and brother and fun sliding down the pile of snow we have in the yard. 

Besides being outside, we've been having fun just playing around.  
Sister and brother are having fun learning about static electricity.

After our time of fun, it's always nice to snuggle in and watch a show.  
The kids really like to watch Bubble Guppies or Team UmiZoomi. 
He wasn't very happy with me to interrupt his show for a picture.  

Well, another week in the books.  We have about 30 days until summer vacation.  Crazy how fast the time is flying.  Papa and I both received word this week that we would be moving to different schools next year.  We'll be staying in the Anchorage School District, just different buildings.  We are both excited about our new assignments - Papa will be moving up to a high school and teaching math and I will be at a middle school continuing with sped math.   

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Hopefully the sun is shining where ever you may be and you'll be able to get out and enjoy the spring weather.  Love and hugs to you all...

Friday, April 4, 2014

A little DIY project

One thing that has been wonderful about living in the big city is being able to decide to do projects on the whim.  I love that we can go and get the needed materials and tools and can complete a project in one day.  Don't get me wrong, I miss so much about Cordova- especially the people...  but there are definitely some perks to the big city. 

So, my husband is becoming quite the handy-man.  The project- reupholster dining room chairs. 

Our poor chairs have held up well - but it was time to give them a face lift.  The white cushions were just fabric and no good way to get them clean.  Needless to say with two young children, they've had food smashed in, milk spilled on and let's not forget the coloring!  They were so bad, that I did a make-shift upholster effort by using some place mats - just so we could at least continue to use the chairs.  So - on with the DIY...

While I was at the store picking out fabric, Leif was busy taking the old off the chairs.  Then he was set to the task of cutting out the fabric and vinyl.
 See Mrs. DillyDally - those Home Ec lessons did pay off!!

Inspecting his work...
The first one was a little challenging, but then the others went more smoothly.

I'd say they turned out really nice.  I love that the kids can spill and all I have to do is wipe them off! Leif did a really nice job - I wonder what the next project will be ?!?
And of course - can't forget to give a weekly picture of the kiddos!

Just love how bright the sunshine is when we get home from school!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Mister!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Really?!? A 2 year old - okay, so technically I'm writing this at 8:17pm and that means I was still in labor as our wonderful son was born at 10:38pm.  But - whose really that technical right? On with the celebration!

Mister had a wonderful day at his day care and our provider threw a little party for him with his friends.  I made cupcakes (no frosting- thank you) and they sang to him. 

Ready, set, make a wish...

and a present too!

I'm sure glad our day care provider was able to capture some pictures - because this was the scene when we got home.  Well, first we went to McDonald's for dinner - here in Eagle River they have a playland that he can climb all the way to the top and slide down - he has so much fun.  So, between the party at day care and then out to eat...

yeah.... he was tired, so we stopped trying to sing to him and let him get down to the business of opening his presents.

 At Christmas,  he wasn't too interested in opening presents but he started to get the hang of it this time. 

Pretty exciting to see some new toys come out - a few books, puzzles, trucks, a train, and a dinosaur - what more could a little boy want. 

About 20 minutes of playing with new toys and mister was ready for his bed time routine.  

I'm so blessed to be this little mister's momma.  He full of energy, exploring the world around him, learning new things every day and such a, well... 2 year old!  Even though we experience the tantrums occasionally, I love that he will randomly stop playing and run over and give me a great big hug, or curl up in my lap to just snuggle for a bit. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Mister!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Bunk Beds

Bunk Bed Project ~ March 2014
Leif spent all of his spring break in Fairbanks working out of his dad's wood shop building bunk beds for the kids.  He truly enjoys wood working and since his dad got his shop up and running, Leif and his dad have built, a dresser, chest of drawers, TV stand, bookshelf and now the beds.  The project was inspired by the idea that Lukkas was in desperate need of a bigger bed and when we have company visit  Sister doesn't have to be 'displaced' as her bed was the spare bedroom's bed.  One evening Leif was browsing wood working projects online and came across the plans.

With long days,

hard work,

and help from Pope (Leif's dad), the project began to take shape. 

Since the kids and I did not join Leif until later in spring break, we missed being able to take pictures of the cutting out of everything.  However, we did get in on the sanding!

Okay - so really the kids got to sand a piece of wood that was not part of the actual beds, but they don't know that. ;0)  
Leif sure did enjoy being able to share his passion with the kids.

Next - time to put it together before stain is put on. 

The kids thought it was pretty fun to stand inside the frame, but they understood that it wasn't quite ready to sleep on yet. 

No job is completely done until clean up is complete.  Okay- let's be honest, all the kids really do was spread the saw dust all over the garage, but it kept them entertained for a good 15 minutes!

The kids and I headed home while Leif finished up the stain and letting it all dry before he brought the beds home.  As the kids grow older, the beds can later be separated into individual twin beds.  

The beds look AMAZING and soon were the favorite place to be.

Sister is very much a routine girl and when things change she has a hard time adjusting.  I wasn't sure how she was going to do with so many changes: 1) new room - prior to the beds, she was sleeping in her own room 2) - having brother in the same room and 3) sleeping on the top bunk.  

Well... I think the picture can speak for itself

The kids did great their first night in their new beds.  Sister likes to tell brother a story and brother likes to say sister's name over and over again in the morning to wake her up.  We do have to take the ladder out at night because brother can climb up to the top bunk by himself and well... we don't need him pestering Sister all night. 

We still need to finish the the caps for the post on the bed, but I'd say the project has been great for the whole family - but mostly for Papa.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Artic Winter Games- Ice Carving - Fairbanks March 2014

 With our sad news of losing our dog Bailey, the kids and I decided to make a trek up north to Fairbanks.  Leif has been there all week working on the bunk beds for the kids - don't worry, I will blog about the project when it's 100% complete.  I will say that he's done an amazing job!!

Every year, the Artic Winter Games happen in Fairbanks and one of the events in the Ice Carving/Sculpting competition.  Leif was to a point where he had to wait for stain to dry and so, we loaded up the kids and went to the check out the ice sculptures. 

You got to love a competition that creates things for kids to play on!  The kids loved the ice carved slides. It was perfect - some time playing and then a walk through the sculptures with the reward of playing on the slides again. 

The first area we walked through was the single block sculptures.  This one was titled "Teaching Breaching"  - my photo really does not do the artist justice.  

This abstract bird was breath taking!

What?!? A train carved out of ice that the kids could climb in?  Both kiddos were so excited. I couldn't get brother to sit still long enough for a picture, but this one of sister is adorable.

Next up - the multi-block sculptures- these were just amazing. 

Two deer drinking water in the forest with the mountain in the back drop.  
Due to the shade to prevent melting - it was difficult to get good lighting to capture the details. 

This sculpture didn't have their shade up for some reason - I wasn't complaining because I was able to capture some of the detail.

Like I said - after looking at the artwork, it was time for kids to play.

Who doesn't like a castle slide with double slides!

Let's not forget to have a race car event!

It was an amazing afternoon and I'm glad we took time to go and appreciate the art work of people from around the world.