Saturday, May 21, 2016

Whew...we made it

First, my dear family and friends, I'm sorry for my lack of writing this past month or so.  Life has been emotional and busy to say the least.  I'm looking forward to returning to my weekly updates and summaries of our future adventures.  For now - what in the world have we been up to?

The picture above is a picture of the group of students I took on my last field trip.  Our school organized an Exploration Day - students were given the opportunity to sign up for their top five choices of activities.  We had everything from making organic finger nail polish to archery to savory strolls to hiking.  Naturally, I partnered up with one of my favorite co-workers and we took a group hiking. We talked about survival skills along the way and "what if" situations.  It was an amazing day up to the first false summit of Rainbow Peak and I so appreciate my principal for supporting social-emotional learning days.

The warm weather continued and well - it felt "hot" out at 72 degrees - but straight glacier water out of the sprinkler is a bit chilly. "Momma - can we run through the sprinkler with our towels?"  Why not? Ha,ha...

And - here we are - my last week of school as a classroom teacher.  Hmmm... such an emotional week.  Excited for a new adventure to come, exhausted from all the end of the year stuff to do and then overwhelmed with the love from my students and colleagues. 

All the while - Sister is wrapping up her Kindergarten year!  She had an amazing year and we were blessed with her two teachers.  So grateful for the work these ladies put in!

The next 12 years are going to go by in a blink of an eye and look forward to enjoying each and every moment!

It will be so fun to recreate this image!

And here we are again - 19 different teachers were asked to switch rooms for the upcoming year.  So on top of moving my stuff out - seeing another pereson's stuff moved in was a bit hard to take. 

And just like that - this chapter of my journey was closed. My classroom may not have four walls in the future, but I feel deep in my heart that I will continue to have opportunities to make a difference in another person's life. 

These are some of my favorites from Romig - they took me to lunch after we were all checked out.  Such an amazing group of professionals - that I know I will continue to keep in touch over the years.

And of course - it wouldn't be a kick off to summer without...

Getting a hike in!  This isn't the first of the seasons - as a group of ladies and I have done several hikes already.  But this was my first with just me and the dog up Mt. Baldy.  Teary eyed from a very emotional day - but in awe as I sat at the top and thought back on the past 14 years of teaching.  Many fond memories - many challenges that impacted the person I am today.  

What's next - clean the house!  Good Lord - May is always crazy and with Leif busy coaching track on top of the end of the school year - our house looks like a frat house ... dirty laundry everywhere, dishes not done for a least three days...  After the house is put back together, hoping to relax - a short trip with the kiddos and a good friend to explore Homer, some hiking and then I'll be off starting the new job on June 1st. 

I loved seeing this during this past month.  So much truth - more than I could ever write down...


Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Mister!

Happy 4th Birthday Mister!

This goofy little guy keeps us on our toes each and every day -filled with self confidence and a strong will that will some day rule the world!  

His sense of humor is hilarious - which makes disciplining him even more challenging because when he knows he's done wrong - he will quickly do something silly to try and distract us.

He loves anything boy - dinosaurs, light sabers, tractors, guns...
His wonderful day care lady had a small party for him with the dinosaur masks and he opened the light sabers as gifts on his actual birthday. What more could a boy want right?

This Saturday we had a combined party with a good friend whose birthday is exactly a month after Brother's.  Since we have mutual friends - we decided to have a party half way between their birthdays.  It was a great turn out and fun afternoon!

Brother was beyond excited to run the length of the indoor turf/field and kick the soccer ball. I'll admit, I was pretty impressed with his skill and the pure joy he had on his face. We may need to look at signing him up!

He was also pretty excited to see SpiderMan at the party!

Let's not forget some delicious cake that made his tongue into a Ninja Turtle tongue!

Finally, my sweet little man is "old enough" to spend his own birthday money! I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to be his mom! He is a very special little guy that we love more and more each day (even if we do want to ship him to tim-buck-two sometimes ;) )

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter ~ 2016 

What a wonderful Easter week we have had!

Coloring Easter Eggs with friends on Wednesday!
Attended Good Friday service on Friday.

Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday - no pictures of the actual hunting of eggs but...

we had fun sitting in the firetruck!

Fun candy shaped Easter boxes arrived from Grandma Julie! 

Where were the Easter baskets hidden this year?  
"To find your Easter Basket - You must Look - Not by the book - But where we cook!"  (Sister was able to read the clue by herself!)

They thought it was pretty hilarious that the baskets ended up in the stove. 

We attended a wonderful church service this morning and then enjoyed an Easter lunch with some great friends!  My heart and soul are full. So thankful for friendships that make being away from family a little easier around the holidays.
Happy Easter - friends and family - love and miss you all!

(And now tomorrow we celebrate this crazy monkey's 4th birthday!)


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February's Family Date Night

 2016 Date Nights!

I think I may have shared before and if I did already, my apologies. It's the end of 3rd quarter, spring break is a short 7 school days away and I had 3 fillings and my crown put on today - needless to say my brain is not functioning at 100%. Ha.  But, I actually have two kiddos happily playing without my referring, I mean direct involvement so I thought I'd update the blog. 

So our family date day/night for February was to go sledding. Perfect, one would think with winter season still upon us. However, the weather did not cooperate to bring us any fresh snow. Instead we have ice, ice and more ice. We should have rented some ice skates instead, but decided to pick a new slip. We found ourselves with making homemade pizzas instead.

I don't think I've seen a happier little boy being told that, yes - you can grab a handful of flour and throw it on the counter. Can you see his little cheeks popping out over his shoulder? - priceless!

Time to roll the dough out.

Adding sauce was a bit messy, I mean fun!

But the best part was yet to come... CHEESE

Oh my word- I gave each kiddo their own bowl of cheese to put on their half of the pizza. We had cheese e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  Yes - Sister literally threw her cheese in the air to see how it would land on the pizza.  Oh the memories that we made!

With a few pineapples and left over ham bits, we finally got the pizza in the oven.

I'd say the pizzas turned out great and we had tons of fun!  

March date day/night - BOWLING!!! Plus we've got Brother's 4th birthday coming up.  Going to be a busy month. 

Until next time - much love to you all!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Three Day Weekends Rock!

Happy President's Day Weekend!
We enjoyed having Monday off from work and being able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

Sister, a friend, and I all enjoyed walking the trails at the Eagle River Nature Center.  The trails were more like ice skating rinks - but we still had a great afternoon!

Our friend found an ice shaped piece of ice and we decided to leave it inside the hollowed out tree. 

Even Dessa enjoyed the afternoon walk and was all tuckered out for the rest of the evening.


Brother wasn't able to make the adventure with us as he is recovering from being super sick last week. I missed school Monday and Tuesday last week taking care of this guy.  His asthma kicked in quick and it took us a few days to get it back under control.  Happy to say that he is doing much better and was able to go to his first dental appointment this weekend.

He totally rocked his appointment and fluoride treatment.  The staff kept commenting how great both the kids did!  I'm so proud of them both and glad they have healthy teeth. Momma on the other hand has to miss student led conferences this week to have her root canal redone. Ugh... I think I'd rather be at conferences!

One other appointment this long weekend was to get Sister's eyes checked. Its been a year since she got her glasses.  Doctor was happy to report that the glasses are helping her and she's ready for a new prescription, which also means new frames (so thankful for awesome vision insurance!) 

She's so excited and can't wait for her new glasses to arrive. When trying on frames she said, "Mom, these don't help me see better." Ha, ha - had to explain the lenses were just pretend ones.  

We hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend!  
Until next time - we love and miss you all!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A new kind of adventure

With our lack of snow in my neck of the woods, my friend Anna and I decided to get a winter hike in. We headed up Baldy and had a blast! As you can see in the back - bare rock is showing on top of this mountain - sigh... it should be covered with snow by this time of year.  It was great to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  A bit slick in a few spots but we found joy in acting like kids and just sitting on our bottoms to slide down parts of the mountain.  

Otherwise, our little family hasn't been too adventurous lately.  The ice every where makes it a little challenging for the kids as they get easily frustrated with falling when trying to play outside. 

Sister had a revelation this past week. She just noticed that her baby had a matching pajama shirt that she was given at Christmas time.   She was beyond delighted to see that she could match her baby doll.

Even though we haven't been too adventurous outdoors, there will be a new adventure this spring for Momma.

After 14 years in the classroom, I've decided that a career change is needed.  This past fall was extremely difficult for me.  I love that Papa is involved with coaching and would never ask him to give that up.  However, the added commitment to his coaching left me solo parenting more times than not. Teaching is a very demanding profession and working with students with special needs can be even more challenging.  As the first semester went on, I found myself being very negative with my own kiddos, in my marriage and in the classroom.  I was tired. I was overwhelmed. I needed a break. 

 After a particularly difficult day at school, I said a silent prayer of "I can't do this anymore but what would I do instead?"  That very evening in my email was a job posting for the office manager position at the church I attend.  I knew the woman who was leaving was going on maternity leave and I thought there would be no way I would be considered since I would have to finish my school year out first.  About three days later, I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to submit my resume for the position. So, I did and still had a sense of doubt about the timing of everything.  To my great surprise, I was given the opportunity to interview and then offered the position.  

The church has found an amazing person willing to fill in while I finish up the school year.  I'm so excited for this new adventure.  I think being an office manager will allow me to use my strengths on a daily basis - organization and customer service are two of my favorite things to do.  I'm also excited that I will be right in Eagle River with the kids.  I'm excited that our morning will be a little more relaxed as I won't have to commute into Anchorage. I'm hoping I will have more energy to pour into my kids and marriage.   I'm also nervous about the change (no more summers off, a pay difference, will I like the behind the scenes of a church I love...) but my excitement out weighs the nerves.  I think I will always be a teacher at heart, but my classroom is shifting - to what, I'm not sure yet, but I look forward to this new adventure as well.  I hope that I will still be able to volunteer with our children's services so I can get my 'teaching kids' fix met. 

Until next time - lower 48 friends and family - please send some snow our way!
Be kind to yourself - do what you enjoy!
Love and miss you all

Monday, January 18, 2016

To my surprise

 Hi Friends and Family! 
This week we continued to cheer for our favorite team - what an exciting game even if we did lose. I've been struggling with what to write about this week because I knew I hadn't taken many photos to add to the blog.  Well, it turns out Sister had something else in mind. 

Imagine my surprise when I flipped through my photos and found these...

Oh my heart be still - this silly little girl was entertaining herself and I had no idea.  She got a hold of my phone while in the car and she knows how to unlock my phone and away she went with selfies. HA!!!   I'm in awe of how much this little one has grown. No longer the preschooler or even the new kindergarten student, but is truly becoming a little girl. She's past my hip in height these days- yikes! I think I'm going to be the short one of the family some day. Beyond physical changes, I see the social and emotional changes that go with growing up too.  She has already begun to stomp away and with attitude in her voice saying she just needs her own space. Oh dear - what will our teenage years be like. Cordova friends - you all remember Papa said he would 'be in charge when the kid turned 13 right?'

Other than a typical busy week we did find joy in finally getting a few inches of snow. We desperately need so much more, but we will take what we get.   

 May each day be filled with a busyness that does good for those around you and always remember to take time for yourself to relax and rest up!
Have a wonderful week everyone.