Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our New Home!

That's right! We are making Eagle River our official home for the next few years with the purchase of our home.  We are literally 4 blocks from our current rental. We love the neighborhood and are excited to continue to deepen our relationships here in Alaska.  For those you in the lower 48 - I know you were all hoping we'd be moving back soon, but that's just say that our invitation for you all to come to Alaska to visit is now extended!!

This will be my new view! I can't wait to see the sun rise over these mountains and then the brilliant colors of the evening sky. 

We are also very excited to have the fenced in yard for the kids to able to safely play.  Really, we don't have snow anymore - this was taken about 1 1/2 months ago.  It's been so hard not to shout on 'social media' that we were buying a house - but Papa wanted to wait until things were official. Well, we closed today- Yahoo!!!

May is a crazy month to try and be moving, but the nice thing is that our rental lease is not up until the end of June. We said we'd be out by the end of May in hopes that they can get new renters in right after us - but either way - it will be nice to be able to do a few upgrades to the new house and then get serious about moving. 

With evening skies like this - its affirmation that this is where we want to be. We hope you'll make plans to come see us soon!! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sickies Just Won't Leave

Still trying to get over the sickies at our house - seems like once one of us is feeling better the other three go down.  Even Sister who rarely gets sick was not doing well this past weekend. 

We tried to make the most of not feeling well by making a fort in their room.  It was fun for awhile and then the coughing, fever and chills returned. 

Finally by the end of the week - we all started to feel better.  It turned out that Brother had double ear infections - poor kid.  Sister, Papa and I just had a nasty head and chest cold. At one point around dinner time, all four of us had a coughing attack - then we started laughing which made us cough some more.  Our neighbor even sent me a text to make sure we were all doing okay- I'm sure it sounded crazy through the wall!

Since we started to perk up, it was time to get creative on what to do.  First we used the digger to dig a 'hole.' Then we used the ribbon to make a 'lake'.  Our red pipe cleaners? Fishingpoles and fish of course!

Oh they had so much fun...
and were quite proud when an actual 'fish' was 'caught'!

I really hope we are all on the mend. It certainly has been challenging to have us all sick at the same time.  Happy last weekend of April!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Is it spring?

Is it spring? 
After such a mild winter, we were all a bit surprised to have more fresh snowfall this past week. It didn't stick on the ground in the lower elevations, but the mountains look lovely with a new blanket of snow.  This view never gets old - so blessed to call this my home. 

Sister surprised me with a project this week. She was very secretive about it too! After getting the need supplies, she told me to go away so she could make it.  I just don't have the words to describe the way this little girl fills my heart.  She's definitely growing up way -- too -- fast!! 

Brother has been dealing with another serious cold which turned into major asthma attacks again :(  Although, you can't tell from the picture - we were home Monday and Tuesday with him and of course that meant that both Papa and Mama caught the cold too. Isn't there some parenting rule that states both parents shall not be sick at the same time?!?  Ugh... as we pushed through the week, at least Brother is feeling better. Papa and I are having a hard time getting over this cold - probably because we are not taking the time to just stop and rest. Such a busy time of year...   We all tried to get as much fresh air as we could this weekend - fresh air always seems help!

Hoping you all are healthy!!  ~ Love and miss you all

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter ~ April 2015

We sincerely hope all of our friends and family who follow/read our little blog had a weekend full of many blessings.  We apologize for not keeping up with our weekly updates - things have been a little crazy in the Jacobsen household. 

From Papa coaching track, illness making its rounds, the day to day busyness this time of year at school... well, you get the idea. I have thought many times I should update the blog, and then have found myself nodding off on the couch with laptop in hand.  

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend and hope you enjoy seeing some pictures of our adventures.

We colored eggs in a non-traditional way this time. I found roll on paint for the eggs.  It was pretty messy, but more engaging for the kids instead of watching the egg sit in the cup.

We also attended a very unique Easter Egg hunt.  The church I attend in Eagle River, (ACF) dropped 10,000 Easter Eggs filled with candy from the helicopter.

When the all clear was given, kids and parents rushed to the hay piles to find the candy. I think maybe 2 eggs survived the fall and did not crack.  It was a lot of fun and had a great turn out from the community.  That's what I love about ACF - they are always thinking of ways to reach out to our community. 

Easter morning we were reminded that He is Risen and washes us white as snow!  After not much snow fall this winter and with spring like weather the past month, it was a bit of a shock to have snow on the ground.  It snowed most of the morning, but quickly melted away by the afternoon. 

The kids had fun finding the hidden eggs around the house and then enjoyed opening their Easter baskets. 

They also enjoyed their special gifts from Grandma Julie.

It was a very busy weekend, but we are so blessed to spend it with our family. 

Happy Easter ~ Much Love ~ The Jacobsen's

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Brother

 Happy 3rd Birthday Mister, Buddy, Brother...

Yep - he survived! He made it to 3 (ha,ha,ha...)  
We are choosing to call the this next year the "Terrific Three's" instead of what I have heard from most parents of boys in their 3's. I'm sure we'll have our phases of good and bad choices... no matter what - this little man cracks me up.  He gives the deepest, most heart felt hugs and then will pull away and make some crazy face and sound.  He's perfected the art of annoying his sister and yet can be her best friend 5 seconds later.  He still loves to snuggle after a nap and pancakes are his favorite food. 

In fact, we had some friends over for a pancakes, sausage links and fruit salad for dinner tonight. Along with presents and cupcakes of course!  The kids all had a great time playing, while the adults enjoyed each others company and March Madness of course! (Wisconsin in the Final 4 -YAHOO!!)

Brother loved his cupcake

and Mama and Papa loved an easy bedtime - he was so tired.  He did such a great job of sharing his new toys and just had a great time with friends.  

In other news... sorry we missed a few weeks...

This was Sister and I after spring break.  We came down with a stomach bug and missed going back to school for a few days.  It was a bummer too, because our friend from Cordova was visiting. Thankfully she did not end up sick and the sickies didn't last long.

And we were back to enjoying this amazing spring we are having!!  

 As we enter Holy Week - I can't help to be so thankful for the many blessings in my life.  I pray and hope that each of you are able to find something to celebrate each and every day. 
~ Much Love ~

Friday, March 13, 2015

Momma Staycation - Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass - March 2015

This Momma treated herself to a little staycation during spring break this year and traveled to Hatcher Pass with a longtime and dear friend. Yes, no children, no husband... just fresh mountain air and friendship.   This trip is exactly what I needed mid-week of spring break. We left Tuesday evening and returned Thursday morning. With Hatcher Pass only 45 minute drive, it was the perfect little get away.

  We were greeted Wednesday morning with moose having their breakfast outside our cabin.

After the moose cleared out, we bundled up and headed up the mountain.  We started at the top, snowshoeing around Independence Mine.  It was amazing.

We could have spent all day up here - the sunshine, cold mountain air, and miles and fresh snow.

But, we headed down the mountain and hiked the Gold Mint trail for about an hour and half. Afterwards, we found ourselves content and ready for some food!

The trip was exactly what I hoped for. Time to find me again and reconnect with my dear friend. I'm so blessed by our friendship and also by my amazing husband who took on the kiddos so momma could get away.  I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the school year. 
1 more quarter to go!

It was also nice to come home to this...
The dog and cat images are part of the paper, but Sister wrote the letter herself with Papa helping her spell the word 'dear.' My heart is definitely full.  

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Glasses? How would one even know where to start with a 4 1/2 year old needing glasses.  Well, we were actually at our pediatrician's office for Brother and his asthma when the doctor looked over and asked if we had had Sister's eyes checked recently. Her left eye lid has been lower since birth, but she passed her vision screening at 1 years old so we never thought more of it.  When she's tired or not feeling well, her lid droops noticeably.  The doctor told us to just make sure the lid wasn't covering her pupil.  So, that got me thinking and at home I started asking Sister questions about what she could see and not see.  She flat out said, "Momma, my eyes don't work very well. They never have."  Needless to say, we scheduled the appointment. 

She did great - even with having to have her eyes dilated - sure wore her out though.  

Turns out - she needed glasses.  She has difficulty seeing far away and astigmatism in both eyes.  Our doctor was great and recommended only doing half the prescription, since her vision is still developing and to revisit in 4 to 6 months.   She loves her new glasses and has said that she can see so much better now. 

In other news- we are kicking off our spring break!  My students were exhausted Thursday afternoon, so we had a game day justified by social emotional learning standards of course!  

  And our first order of business for spring break, was to get outside and play in the Thursday afternoon sunshine! We hardly have any snow, in fact they had to bring in 500 truck loads of snow for the ceremonial start of the Iditarod today(Saturday).  Crazy weather - 41 degrees and rain today.  We are looking forward to our spring break.  Papa will be starting to coach track and field - throwing events this week and Momma has a little girls trip planned mid-week.  We also look forward to our friend from Cordova coming in for a visit towards the end of the week. Promises to be a busy week - but thankful to be able to have quality time with friends and family.