Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shingles Stink!

This is me the past 3 weeks  - sigh... I'm too young for shingles, but the reality is that if you've had chicken pox, then you can have an episode of shingles at any time.  First week, felt like I was fighting the flu but never had a fever. Second week, painful rash appeared- so thankful I was seen by the doctor on day one of the rash and the antiviral medicine prevented the rash from blistering too bad. Very deep nerve pain all through the upper right quarter of my body - it even hurt to breathe.  Third week, fatigue set in and I was sleeping almost 15 hours a day!  Finally, today - my skin is still sensitive to touch and I'm achy - but I have energy back and the deep pain is gone.  Thank goodness because now I have a deep chest cold and I think I may have died trying to cough or sneeze with the initial shingle pain I had.  It's hard on the family when mom goes ill for so long - but so thankful for Papa and the kids taking great care of me.  Not to forget some amazing friends who have been bringing us dinner for the past week.  

I just have to show this was the inside of the doctor's office.  I went to a general family practice place and I thought how ingenious to organize medical supplies - tool boxes!  

This time of year always displays some amazing sunrises and sunsets.  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are definitely cooler!

We've had a few visitors in our yard as the seasons are changing...

It was very exciting to listen to the bull try and call in the cow. They must have hung around our house for a good 20 minutes before moving up through the neighborhood.  It was all amazing until the bull starting eating on my rose bush - then I had had enough - ha,ha...

Thankful for these fall sunny days - so the kids could get outside and burn some energy while I was able to rest and recover.

For my mental sanity - I did get out to Eagle River Nature Center and took a short, flat hike on the trails. What a beautiful place we live and I'm so thankful to call it home. 

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