Monday, September 19, 2016

Extra Curriculars Begin

 Papa and I both strongly believe in being involved with extra-curricular activities. This past Friday, sister participated in her school's Jog-a-Thon and with a goal of running 6 laps in the allotted time, she ran 11! She was one lap short of running 2 full miles.  One of the reasons I switched careers this year was so that the kiddos could be more involved in after school activities.  So - Sister has been participating in running club and her efforts definitely paid off. 

It felt amazing to be able to attend without the crazy stress of having to prepare my classroom to be gone. In fact, her Jog-A-Thon was on a Friday - my day off!! YAHOO!!!

She was pretty proud of herself to be awarded a medal for being the top girl runner from her classroom.  So - seeing how much she enjoyed running, we decide to allow her to participate in a family-fun cross country run. 

She wanted to participate in the 5K, but we settled for a 2K for this first race.

Again - she did great!  Didn't stop once and had a smile on her face the whole time!

Everyone got a medal for this run, but she was still very proud of herself. You can see Papa in the back of the picture- he had a football game to go get ready for - but we just love that he took time to be at her race even though it made him late to his pre-game meetings. 

We've had a busy week this week - with our special friend, Shannon, visiting from Cordova as well.  As you can see by Dessa's pose- it's been hard work trying to keep up with this family!  We won't be able to attend this week's race as the kiddos are continuing their swimming lessons and when given the choice, Sister said there was no way she was missing swimming.  Let's see - she learned to ride her bike without training wheels this summer, is enjoying swimming lessons and loves to run - we may have a future triathlon on our hands!

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