Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2012! 

Before we share all the fun of Halloween 2012, let's get the week updated.  For my faithful weekly readers, I apologize for the delay in the posting. I wanted to wait to post Halloween pictures.  

So this week started off with Mister turning 7 months old!
When did my baby turn into such a little boy?   Before turning 7 months old, the Mister had his first major cold.  Poor guy- check out his eyes...
 I ended up taking Friday off to take Mister to the doctor. The doctor said it was just a cold, but he did have the start of an ear infection.  So we got on some antibiotics right away.  His eyes cleared up within 24 hours, hmmm.... makes me think maybe there was a bit of an infection in his eyes.  Anyways- so glad that he's feeling better. 

Even sprouted 2 teeth!  

No crawling yet- just a bunch of push-ups.  He has done two crawl movements, but that's about it. He's very quick with scooting and inching his way forward. 

With all this excitement and getting over a cold, nothing more precious than a sleeping baby.

Leinna enjoyed her first Mt. Eccles Halloween Carnival.  She was a bit overwhelmed, but did a great job of waiting her turn for the games.  When it was her turn, she loved being told that it was okay to throw things!! 

Leinna was super excited about her first pumpkin carving.

However, once we got the top off and started cleaning the pumpkin out...

She was way more content to sit on the floor and play. She looks like she's in timeout, but she wasn't. She just did not want to help with pumpkin.

Once the pumpkin was done, she gave it a hug and said, "I love my punkin". So stinking cute!

Mr. Bones and Princess Pumpkin ~ Halloween 2012

No actual Trick or Treating for us this year.
We live out of town and rarely have trick-or-treaters. So, it's been our tradition to go to our friend's house and help hand out candy.  Leinna was a great helper as you can see.  There were a few costumes that Leinna was leery about handing candy to, but for the most part, she had lots of fun.  

We hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween.  

Let the holiday season begin!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clear Skies and SNOW!

Clear skies this past week meant that our temperatures dropped and the snow fell!
It only snowed on Tuesday and we have about 4 inches. Not that I'm ready for winter yet, but the snow was a nice change from the grey skies and endless rainstorms.  Everything is a little brighter now with the white stuff on the ground.  Time to dig out the snow gear!

We are approaching the end of 6 months with Lukkas. It is more and more challenging to have the kids sit together and get a decent picture of both of them.  I just love the new clothes that arrived for Lukkas this week thanks to Grandma Julie for shipping them up to us.  Crazy thing about living in Alaska  - I had our Halloween outfits as part of the order, and if I had it shipped straight to Cordova, it wasn't going to be here until October 25th. Well, I've learned that it may say it will arrive in Cordova on that date, but it could be two weeks later before I actually receive my packages.  So, I had the items shipped to my mom's in Wisconsin, which she so kindly then repackaged in flat rate boxes and we received them in no time! Lukkas is wearing one of the new outfits I ordered.

The items I ordered were mostly for Lukkas as he has out grown the clothes I had for him.  According to the companies size chart, Lukkas is in the 12 month size already! YIKES!! Here he is snoozing away in his new jammies. My camera couldn't do justice to how big he looks. 
Leinna continues to make us laugh everyday.  Her new thing is to lay on the back of the couch. This is where she likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Seems like I remember laying on the back of my couch as a young girl, too.  :0)  Leinna is also working on potty training.  Who would have thought potty training is more about training the parent when to take the toddler to the bathroom, then actually training the toddler how to go?!? 

Finally, this is our new routine in the morning. Leinna loves to sit with her brother while I get him dressed for the day. They just laugh and talk with each other. What a great way to start the day.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finally some sun!

Hurray for a week of sunshine!

What a blessing this past week has been to have clear skies and sunshine.  We took every advantage we could from going to the park to walking the dog. 

Lukkas loved his first time in the swing at the park. 

And Leinna...
She had fun wearing her 4th of July hat her Aunt Emily made and her sun glasses.  Yes, she likes to wear her sun glasses upside down and its so cute that I just let her enjoy wearing them upside down. 
Yes, Papa is wearing pig tails. 
It was "Gender Bender Day" for school spirit this week. Papa is working hard to improve school spirit and so he did his best to participate by wearing an elastic waist skirt of momma's and put his hair in pig tails.  When Leinna saw the pig tails, she said, "Me too!"

It's back to a rainy day today, which was great to get caught up on house work. The one thing about sunshine in Cordova, is that everything else gets set aside and you go outside to enjoy the sun!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is upon us

With our third straight week of heavy rainfall, Lukkas was treated to his first tea party! 
Well, his version includes putting whatever Leinna hands him into his mouth.
We also got out the Johnny Jumper. Challenging to explain to Leinna that she's too big - good thing we let her jump on our spare bed upstairs that is sitting on the floor.  This way she can jump too!

Even with all of our creativity on how to spend our days, we definitely started to get cabin fever.
Oh dear...Leinna had such the case of the sillies after her bath. Typically, she's relaxed and ready for bed after her bath, but not this night.  I was laughing so hard - I had a tears in my eyes.  I'm sure this just encouraged her to keep being so silly!

The weather sure didn't seem to bother Lukkas too much.
I keep blogging about how close he is to crawling, and really he's so close.  I've even given him permission to do his first act of crawling and day care- but this didn't seem to encourage him.  I'm actually counting my blessings that he's not crawling.  He's very mobile in the fact that he will roll or scoot to get where he wants to be.  Just the idea that he's only going to get faster... oh boy!

I'm sure this will be a first of many "Who me?" pictures! 

What a goof!  He sure does love his sister. Man, if she's still sleeping either in the morning or during her nap time and he wants her to wake up - he will fuss and fuss and nothing will make him happy until his sister is awake.  This warms my heart, because I have great memories of my younger brother and hope that Leinna and Lukkas have a similar relationship.

Today- Hip-Hip-Horray!! The storms finally broke and we had a day of no rain!  It's amazing how even with gray skies and cloud cover, the mere fact that it wasn't raining was such a blessing.  I left work earlier than I usually do, grabbed the dog, picked up the kids and headed out for a walk. 
Oh, it felt so good to get some fresh air! Even though Lukkas has a bit of a cold, I could tell that he enjoyed the fresh air too!

It was also nice to see some fall colors.  Granted we don't have the spectacular trees that change colors, but if you look closely you can see that fall is here.
The weather forecast is for some clear skies for the next few days. Will have to wait and see... I did read an article that stated we had 40 inches of rain in 3 weeks and during that time, 17 inches of rain fell in two days!  CRAZY!! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Things to do when trapped inside

Since the rainstorms are relentless, we've been very creative on what we can do indoors. Found a very easy homemade play dough recipe. Leinna chose the color and assisted with stirring the ingredients together.
Once made, Leinna spent a good 40 minutes entertained with the play dough! 
I would call this a success!

We were also thankful for a box of goodies from Grandma Emerson.

Our Mister Lukkas is 6 months old now!

He's typically a happy baby and sleeps well. He's been trying very hard to figure out how to crawl. 

Sorry for such a short update- we had a busy week and momma wasn't feeling very well this weekend. 

Take care everyone and especially be sure to take care of yourself. A lesson this momma is learning the hard way.