Friday, May 29, 2015

May in a nutshell

What happened to May? 
I know, I know...

We officially recorded the sale of the house on May 4th. Leif and his dad did our first remodel/upgrade to our new house that very next weekend.  The carpet you see on the left was clear into the dining space and then there was really old linoleum in the kitchen.  So, we decided it would be easy to put a new flooring in before we moved over. 

Leif and his dad did an amazing job and the new floor looks awesome!

The next weekend was moving weekend and Mother's Day!
This is the kids idea of helping us move.  It was a weird move in the sense that we are just about a half a mile away from where we use to live.  No real need to pack things carefully - just load up a vehicle and go unpack it at the new house.  

We were so thankful for Leif's parents help and for a few friends who came to help lift heavy furniture and another set of friends who took the kids for a morning to let them 'be out of the way' I mean play.  I love that the first item in our fridge was beer. Well deserved after a very busy weekend of moving.

Mean while, school is still happening and we now enter the third week of May.  This was the last week of school and I think it was the longest week ever.  Between working late to finish up progress reports, to working late to get the old house all clean and ready for final walk through with our landlord, to celebrating Leif's birthday to Lukkas getting sick - man you name it and it happened this last week.

However being able to sit on my deck and enjoy a cup of tea in the morning sun - it just recharged me for the day ahead.  One day at a time, one task at a time - we made it through the last week of school!

Lukkas did end up sick with a slight fever and nasty cough (oh wait, me too and Leif - sigh... it's been a long month).  I couldn't take a sick day for the last day of school with needing to get checked out and such.  

So - he was my helper for the morning. I'm so thankful for an awesome principal who understands. I was also thankful that I didn't have much to do and we were able to get checked out and headed home a bit early on Friday.

And for the last week of May...

We have some awesome neighbors who baked us some cookies and welcomed us to the neighborhood. We are looking forward to getting to know them better. We already have young children about the same age in common - so that will be fun to get the kids together for play dates.

 The kids are loving our new house - especially the chalk wall.  I often find them in their little nook space drawing away.  The kids did go to day care this last week of May - 1) since we paid for it and 2) gave Leif and I a chance to finish unpacking and relax a little before summer kicks into full swing!

We hope you all have an amazing summer!
Now that this crazy month is over - I hope to return to weekly blogging about our adventures.