Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Fun in Fairbanks, Part 2

We continued to enjoy the sunshine and variety of playgrounds Fairbanks has to offer.
We also continued to enjoy our time with the Jacobsen cousins.
However, the weather turned cold and rainy for our last week in Fairbanks, so we found fun things to do indoors.
Leinna decided she still wanted to play outside, so we "went outside" to play inside the car! She had so much fun pretending to drive the car. 
We also helped Grandma Jacobsen make some mixed berry jam.
Lukkas was content to play with his toes!

And finally, Leinna spent several hours in the wood shop with Papa and Grandpa Jacobsen (aka Pope). She had a BLAST playing in the saw dust and even let Papa use the air compressor to "brush her off".  

Now you may ask why was there so much saw dust? 
It all starts with a plan...
Papa and Grandpa had built a chest of drawers when Papa was in college.  Now that Papa has a growing family, he wanted to make more furniture. Since Grandpa has his wood shop up and running now, Papa built 3 pieces of furniture this summer - 2 chest of drawers and 1 dresser.

After cutting all the pieces out, many hours were spent sanding.
And then the frame work could be put together

After the frame was built - let the staining begin.

A few final touches and the pieces were ready to bring home.

We were welcomed back to Cordova with beautiful sunshine and a show from the humpback whales.
And now that we are home...
The furniture looks great and...
our snow is gone! YAHOO!!!

It was a great trip to Fairbanks and it feels good to be back home. Now to finish unpacking and start to get ready for the new school year!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Leinna

Happy 2nd Birthday to my wonderful little girl!

 We started our day off by going to Pioneer Park. 
In addition to playing on the play ground equipment and taking a ride on the train around the park, Leinna had her first lesson in Miniature Golf. 

Her version of the game is to pick the ball up and drop it in the hole! She did have fun walking to all the different greens.  

After a fun time at the park, lunch and a much needed nap, we decided to open presents so she would have time to play with her new toys before bedtime.

 A very fitting farm house from Grandma and Grandpa Emerson since they now live on a farm!

 A fun Sesame Street play house that Leinna calls her car. The only reason I think she calls it a car is because it resembles the Little Tike play car that she has played with at day care. 

 Of course some new books for my little reader! 
She especially enjoyed having her cousins read to her. 
A new bib complete with Mr. Potato Head glasses! 

 After presents we had dinner - a milk can supper made by Grandma Jacobsen- YUMMY!! And then it was time for birthday cake.  A simple jello-cake topped with blueberry/strawberry/kiwi flowers - or at least it was my attempt to make it look like flowers. 
 Leinna thought it was pretty neat to have her family sing happy birthday to her.

And with a little help from Papa- her birthday wishes came true.

We had a wonderful day celebrating her birthday and extra special memories that her Jacobsen side of the family could help her celebrate!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun In Fairbanks Part 1

I'm sure I'll have plenty more pictures and stories to share, but thought I would write an update since we are about half-way through our trip. 

First of all- the sun and warm weather is just what the soul needed! We've had a few rain showers, but the fact that it rains and then the sun returns on the same day- is SO refreshing to me. The plant above (delphiniums I believe) is another 3 feet taller than I am!

Leinna can't get enough of being outside. So thankful for a park near by- just a short drive from Grandma and Grandpa (aka Pope's) house.

She has so much fun and I can't help but smile. This is what summer is all about. Being outside and enjoying the day.
I'm also thankful for the time we've had with the Jacobsen's cousins. They are so kind with Leinna and Lukkas. The kids are going to miss having them around when they return to South Dakota at the end of the week. 

Grandma Jacobsen has some amazing flowers around the yard and Leinna makes sure to help water the plants and that the flowers smell good each day. 

Of course we spend time loving on brother every day. This would have been such a cute picture if Leinna would have looked at the camera. Oh well- first day I was able to get all of her hair up into piggy tails :-) 

Mister Lukkas is 14 weeks now and when he's not sleeping, he's trying so very hard to roll from his back to his stomach. He also loves to suck on his hands. I wasn't going to give him his pacifier unless he was trying to sleep- but I've opted to give it to him just to give his poor little hand a break. He literally has little blisters on his hands!

Lukkas is loving the warm weather too! The fresh air has helped him settle into a nice routine and we've even had a couple of nights in a row of sleeping through the night. YAHOO!!!

Miss Leinna Daisy will be 2 tomorrow, July 6th! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I look forward to my next update - full of birthday pictures and the rest of our trip.