Friday, July 22, 2016

July Activities

After Sister's birthday, we've been up to our typical summer activities with hiking and camping. It sure has been warm for us the past few weeks (80 degrees is too hot in Alaska!)

Momma was able to get a few hikes in with friends.  A new one pictured above is looking out from the North Face of Alyeska. As with any mountain top, I always feel like I could just sit up there for hours and days soaking in the beauty. 

A few friends and I conquered Harp Mountain before I had to go in to work.  The picture in the heading of the blog is a 180 view from the top of this hike. Again, we live in such beauty. I'm so thankful I can literally go out my back door and be in the mountains.  

After a few hiking days, it was time to head to Whittier again to go camping and shrimping.  This time Uncle and his family were visiting.  

Such fun to have all the kiddos together again and 

to spend quality time with family we maybe get to see once a year.

All these adventures sure to make us tired.  Some days we don't nap at all and other days we don't even make it into our beds.  

Until next time - take some time to be outside!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy "Golden"BIrthday Sister!

This sweet little lady had her "golden" birthday this year! 

Count the daisies and you will see - she's officially six now - how can that be?

Sister loves her family and has a genuine care for others. She claims she will either be a dentist or a cop president (not sure what that job entails). She loves the chance to get on stage and sing at church and will often pretend she's the music coming from the radio in the car and sing us a song.  In addition to losing her first tooth, she is learning to swim and has also learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels.   

Sister enjoys doing her projects still and was very excited to complete this pillow all by herself!

Momma had to work on her special day, but not until the early afternoon. So we did all the birthday stuff before lunch!  It was a great way to spend the morning.  We had a party about a week later as several of her friends were out of town.  

Hard to believe this little lady will soon be starting first grade. 
Happy "Golden" Birthday Sister!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Tooth Fairy Visit

So it begins... our first visit from the tooth fairy happened on June 21st!  Sister was beyond excited to have lost her first tooth.  Being a summer baby, many of her classmates started loosing teeth during the school year and she couldn't wait for hers!  

Grandma Julie had given Sister a special tooth fairy pillow and found in the morning her tooth was traded for some money. It was agreed for the first tooth an extra special amount - many friends reminded me of inflation when considering the amount.  

Our summer days are settling into the new routine of my work schedule and we are enjoying the stress free Momma!  I almost don't know what to do with myself without having to worry about grading papers, writing lessons plans, and really when my work day is over, it's over.  I love having more energy and patience to love and enjoy the stage of life these kiddos are in.  

We've also been out hiking of course!  One beautiful day after work, I sent Papa a text and said scrap the dinner plans - pack some sandwiches and snacks and let's go hike.  We went up the Arctic Valley saddle and the kids did great!

Sister was ready to tackle the next peak, however Brother wasn't so sure.  Regardless, it was great to be able to hike with almost the whole family.

If you'll recall, Dessa had the stitches and the cone of shame.  We had to leave her behind on our family hike night and she wasn't too happy about that. She received a clean bill of health on Wednesday and is enjoying being cone free.  She even had a little adventure after the stitches came out, when she slipped out of her collar as I was loading her into the car and off down the road I went trying to catch her.  I'm so thankful she ran into a neighborhood and was distracted with the smells. After successful capture and collar securely in place (1/2 mile down the road), I've decided her morning walks need to turn into morning runs.   Sigh... husky problems...

Kids are also enjoying swimming lessons this summer.

And having fun in the shallow splash park area before and after the lesson.

The splash park is a great bribe reward for trying their best during the lessons.  

Our days are officially getting shorter with summer solstice behind us. We still have plenty of sunlight for late night hiking and other summer adventures, however it won't be long and I'll be writing about the change of seasons.  

We hope you all are filling your summer with many adventures and special memories. 
Welcome July - what will the month bring I wonder?