Thursday, April 28, 2011

One busy week...

A week ago today- almost to the exact time- we completed our trip to Fairbanks. We left Cordova at 3:45am to head down to the ferry. Leinna decided this was fun to be up this early and didn't fall back to sleep until 9:45am. We did see a whale's tail breach the water about 3 times- that was pretty neat. The drive to Fairbanks was good. Leinna was a trooper and didn't get to cranky until about the last 50 miles. We did see some nice caribou near Denali. When we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Jacobsen's - Leinna was ready to explore. However, about an hour later, she realized she was tired. After a good nights rest- Leinna was ready to show Grandma that her house is not Leinna proof!

I was hiding under the kitchen table and calling Leinna's name. Prior to getting her attention, she was busy trying to pull books off of the shelf. Fairbanks certainly has brighter and longer days than we do in Cordova. The temperatures were warm and we enjoyed every minute of it!
I just love this picture. Leinna looks like such a big girl sitting and having a grand conversation with her momma. She really did have a great trip in Fairbanks.

However, the trip home wasn't so much fun. Leinna ended up getting sick. It started with an icky, deep chest cough. She'd been sleeping okay- but would have coughing attacks through the night. We left Fairbanks at 4 am and hit a grouse just outside of Nenana, which cracked the grill on the front of the truck. We also saw some moose- however, Leinna was sound asleep. I think it was easier for her to sleep upright. She slept almost the whole way to Anchorage. Once we were on the ferry headed back to Cordova, Leinna started getting a fever. We had her stripped to her diaper and are very thankful a friend/mother had tylenol to give Leinna. So, after another long trip home, we spent the next two days hanging out at home.

As you can see here, Leinna is feeling much better. Her personality is back and no more fever. She still has the icky cough, but is doing so much better. I just wish she'd start eating better. Instead of taking her full bottles and solid food, she's only eating 2-4 oz at a time and refusing her solids except for these rice puff snack things. Oh, the joys of being a new mom... if it's not one worry, it's another. Did I mention Leinna also has 3 new teeth! Poor kid- sick, mouth hurts, traveling for 12 + hours... but we survived. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend- even if it's almost a week later :o)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hard work eating big people food!

I have been waiting for this precious moment where sleep is just too hard to keep fighting while eating dinner. We had a busy day today outside and I'm sure all the fresh air made Leinna tired. She was trying so hard to finish eating, but her eyes just wouldn't let her.

She thinks she's such a big girl now that she can pull herself up to standing position.

We will be traveling to Fairbanks to visit Grandma and Pop Jacobsen for Easter this year. We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Spring time is here! Even though we got about a foot of snow last week, the sun returned and is melting it all away! Definitely signs of spring- love hearing the birds chirping in the morning.

Papa was at a school board meeting, so I decided to take Leinna to open gym. She loved trying to dribble the basketball and watched the girls shoot around!

Leinna's new trick is to try and crawl around with a toy in her mouth. Silly girl...

It was nap time and she wasn't really tired yet, but I stuck her in the play-yard anyways. I heard her jibber-jabbering to herself and then it was quiet. Went in to check on her and this is how she fell asleep. I was thankful she took a nap because the increased sunlight is really throwing her sleep off at night. She's having a hard time settling down because it's so "bright" outside even though it's 8pm. However, I'm not complaining! I love the brightness and the fact that we continue to have beautiful weather!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

9 Months Old

I celebrated my 9 month birthday yesterday. One of my new favorite things to do is climb all over Koda. He's so nice to me and just lets me poke in his ears, look at his teeth and play with his paws. I'm sure he's going to take good care of me when I start walking. Good thing he's feeling better now that momma and papa have him on the right medicine. I also "play" with Bailey by chasing her into whatever room she goes into to try and get away from me- ha, ha...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Done!!!

My thoughts exactly Leinna! My goal was to finish this sweater by the end of March. Well, I had to borrow two days from April, but I got it done. It's definitely a "first timer" sweater as I can see errors I made. However, it's for a baby/toddler, so I'm not too worried about perfection.

Also this week, Miss Wendy, Leinna's child care provider in the mornings when I'm at work, had her dancing in her rain boots. Leinna was having so much fun- I just couldn't resist snapping a photo. Miss Wendy volunteers her time at Mt. Eccles' elementary library and the students have come to know Leinna as the Library Baby.
Bless Koda's heart as he is so patient with Leinna. She does loves her Koda. He is doing much better now that he's on medicine to get rid of the infection. The vet said it's the same bacteria infection he's battled since we moved to Cordova. The vet thinks it is something in the environment that is effecting his skin. So, we either need to move or else keep forking out the money for the medicine.
Our Little Leinna will be 9 months old this upcoming week. She's busy discovering her world. I believe I better start training now in order to keep up with her when she starts walking. The other night she literally did laps around our living-room rug- it was too funny.
We hope everyone has a wonderful week.