Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Milk?

Leinna use to dread the thought of touching her food. Now if it's on the spoon she won't eat it. She's discovered how fun it is to play with your food. Now if I just remember this when preparing her meals to not make such messy food for her! Nah.... where's the fun in that?

Got Milk?
During meal times, Leinna only takes a few sips of a drink and I was tired of wasting formula. So, we decided to introduce milk- she LOVES it!! In fact, she rarely drank juice or water from her sippy cup, however, with the "good stuff" inside she drinks it up!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair-cut, Tongue, Big Girl Jammies

May 15th - First Hair-Cut...


We've tweaked the cut a little since this picture- momma keeps finding long hairs that she just can't leave alone!

Papa just loves this picture above- I just don't know how to describe it!

Leinna's newest 'skill' - crawling around with her tongue sticking out. It's so darn cute- like she just figured out she has a tongue. Silly girl...

Sleeping in the 'Big Girl' jammies- I call these big girl jammies because they don't cover her toes and the jammies have a top and bottom separate from each other.

Sorry for the short update- I (Momma) should be doing her homework, but thought this would be more fun :o)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stair Master

What a busy week! Seems like May gets that way with the school year wrapping up and all the end of the year activities. For a few weeks now, I was content to play on the bottom step. Well, this week I decided to venture to the top. With Papa waiting at the top and Momma following behind me, I made it up the 13 stairs. Now I think I can climb everywhere. In fact- the other night I just knew I could climb over my toy box. Well, I got stuck in the middle and got quite mad that I couldn't climb out. It was so funny in Momma and Papa's eyes, but I was screaming mad, so they opted to "rescue" me instead of snapping a photo. Our summer is going to continue to get busy as Momma is starting an online class on Monday and also has a summer job working as a teller. She will do her best to keep the blog updated- but please forgive her if it's not regularly updated. Until next time- you can bet I'll be finding even more ways to keep my Momma and Papa busy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I know my earlier blog said I was going to spend my 1st Mother's Day weekend reorganzing the house to make it more baby-proof. However, it was just too nice yesterday to stay in doors. So we headed out to Hartney Bay to see if we could see any shorebirds. Not too many birds, but the beautiful view was worth it!

While Papa was busy picking up dog-poo in the yard, Leinna was busy experiencing rocks for the first time. She lasted about 2 minutes before one made it to her mouth- after that, we decide to bring the walker out and let her cruise around that way.

Papa also surprised me with Mother's Day flowers yesterday. 5 red roses as we will have been married for 5 years this year! My husband never buys flowers, so this was quite a surprise!

My first Mother's Day has been a great day so far. Leif made a late breakfast for when Leinna and I came home from church. Now we are busy doing the reorganizing while Leinna is taking a nap- well, Leif's busy while I update the blog :o)
Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Months Old

Okay- not exactly the first picture you'd expect to see for Leinna's 10 month birthday. However, this is how our last week of Leinna being 9 months old started. Sunday night, we heard a loud pop. It almost sounded like a gun shot, which we frequently hear at our house, so we didn't think anything of it. Well, Monday morning Leinna and I were ready to head to school and well- the garage only opened about 6 inches. Yep- the loud pop the night before was the spring breaking in the garage door. Thankfully, we were able to open the door manually and drive the car out. However, I really wanted to grill steaks the other night- so this was Leif's solution to keeping the door up. I thought it was pretty creative!

Leinna giving me a hint that I need to update the blog again! Leif opened a word document and wouldn't you know the first word she "typed" was A**.

I guess when you are 10 months old you can move to more sophisticated novels. Leinna just loves her books. She really doesn't chew on them, but loves to turn the pages and tell you her version of the story.

After a week of being sick, Leinna sure is making up for it. Besides the increased eating, she's busier than ever. She's really trying hard to brave the idea of standing without any support. She's also been watching her friend Blake climb up onto things and now Leinna is starting to mimic the climbing behavior--- NO!!! I'm not ready for an increase in mobility. In fact, I plan to spend my first official Mother's Day weekend completely reorganizing to have the house even more baby-proof.
Simply amazed that 10 months ago our little Leinners joined us. The time she has gone by fast, but I'm enjoying every minute of it! I'm so thankful next school year I will only be working part-time again. Leif and I had kicked around the idea of moving to another area in order for me to be able to work full-time, but decided it was best for our family to stay in Cordova.