Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August already?

With fall in the air, yes I realize it's only the beginning of August, but we have entered into our cooler, rainy days and I can't help but to think about the changing season.  No longer do I need my sunglasses to walk in the morning as the street lights are staying on longer.  We even have the typical cold going around right now.  As the season is changing, I can't help but to think about going back to school and the reality that I will not be returning to the classroom this fall.  I truly enjoy my new job as office manager at the church, but it some ways I think I was treating it like a summer job and not a career change.  Well, time to face that reality and embrace this new season.

The kids enjoyed going to a week of vacation bible school at a local church.  I think Papa enjoyed more of having a 3 hour break from parenting each day - ha,ha...  The kids really enjoyed the program and keep asking when they can go back to school.  Sister will be entering 1st grade this year and Brother will be receiving care from a new provider this fall.  Both are equally excited about the start of school and the new routine.  I'm already enjoying the fact that the kids will be able to sleep in until 8:00am if they need to before I will need to get them up and going for the day - that's a huge difference compared to 6:00am last year!

Another new change is that I'm enjoying running and completed my first race this past weekend.  Those of you who know me - I only liked to run if I was on the court - all other running was just painful and pointless.  Well, I'm finding now that running is rather enjoyable as long as I remember to rub icy-hot on my knees before I go - ha, ha,ha.... Seriously, running hasn't been about how fast can I go, but more about the confidence and strength I feel in myself after I've finished.  

Running Free - 4 miler
From the Running Free Alaska website, "Running Free Alaska (RFA) is a non-profit running program for female prison inmates at the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River, Alaska.  RFA was founded in 2012 by Anchorage runner Tim Alderson with 25 inmates who volunteered to be part of a graduate research study of the impact of structured running on inmate mental health.  From this genesis the program has grown to provide training services to approximately 150 inmates annually. Our runners participate in training sessions 3 days per week throughout the spring and summer. Each session culminates in race held inside the prison fence at distances from 5k to half-marathon. Additionally, we have built a capable staff of 15 volunteer coaches, who are supervised by a paid professional volunteer coordinator funded through a grant from the Alaska Ski for Women." (read more at runningfreealaska.com 

It was very powerful to be allowed access to run around the outside of the prison and to have women cheering us on from inside the prison.  You could feel the hope and excitement from the women that they too would be running free in the future.  

So, as we enter this new season we also remember to take time to rest.  Summer can be very busy in Alaska as we try to enjoy every possible moment of the long days and warm weather. Dessa has been back with us almost 2 months now - we are still amazed and so thankful she made it home.  

Until next time, be present in the moments that surround you!! Much love to you all <3 br="">

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