Friday, February 7, 2014

Legos and Dress Shoes!

 What have the Jacobsen kiddos been up to this week?  Well, we've all been passing a cold back and forth, so I spent last weekend doing some deep cleaning in hopes of a healthier family in return. That backfired and I ended up sick this week and both kids are coughing again :o(   I should have expected this since we are in a new living environment and not to mention all the germs Leif and I acquire at school each day.  Oh well - sick or not, the kids are still full of energy and finding ways to entertain themselves. 

While taking a break from the cleaning - Leinna decided it would be fun to model my dress shoes. 

Not to be out done by his sister ...
Lukkas joined in too!!

After modeling the shoes it was time for a Lego tower!
Leinna sure was proud of her tower and where was brother?

Lurking near by plotting how he was going to knock the tower down!  

Sure hope we can all get healthy soon.  I've had to cancel/reschedule a play date with potential new friends due to our illness.  On the bright side, our days are getting noticeably longer and its feeling like winter again.  We had very weird warm weather and rain the last few weeks - just didn't seem right.  Now we are back to colder temps and even had fresh snow on the ground this morning.  
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. They may be fighting a cold, but they are still adorable! Hugs to all!


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