Friday, January 31, 2014

Double Trouble!

Oh what a fun stage the two of these little darlings are!  So full of energy and discovering new things each and every day.  More often than not, the best of friends.  However, when little brother is in one of his "little brother" moods- oh, he knows how to push his big sister's buttons.  

Leinna is closer to 4 years old than 3 years old now.  Hard to believe she could start pre-school next year.  She continues to love her books, doing projects and singing songs.  Her imagination is growing and she's really into giving everyone a pretend name and making up stories of what we are doing.   Often she is Princess Milly, brother is Bot, I'm Geo and Papa is the UmiCar (all characters from TV show Team Umizoomi) and we go on some crazy adventures.  Her most recent, we had to rescue a cow that was swimming in the ocean! 

Lukkas turned 22 months old this past week.  He is all boy and all almost 2 year old!  We had some challenging days with Leinna, but she was such an early speaker, that we could communicate to find out what was wrong.  Lukkas- well, we are experiencing the "trying" (not terrible) 2's!  He's speaking more and more each day, but when he's frustrated or mad, it sure is a lot easier to scream, stomp his feet and throw himself to the ground.  So often Papa and I have to just walk away because we can't help but just laugh.   When he's happy, which is most of the time, he is either playing with his cows or driving a truck around.  Just recently, he's started to teach Papa about his trucks and all the different jobs they can do ~ 

Ah, yes... fun, fun, fun times in our little family.  Not that I'm counting down until the end of the school year, but I'm really looking forward to this summer and hanging out with my family!

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