Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rest in peace Bailey Sue

Bailey Sue was adopted from the Fairbanks animal shelter in September 2005.  She was 8 years old at the time and won my heart when I bent down to pet her and she stuck her head right next to my heart and just snuggled.  I remember looking up at Leif and he immediately knew that she was our dog.  

When we brought Bailey home, it was obvious she had been abused by a male figure in her past, because she was very skittish and would cower around males.  We worked with her and in the last few years she would accept affection from anyone.  Maybe that's because we introduced Leinna and Lukkas into her world and she was just happy to have some undivided attention.  Either way- we are happy knowing that she had a happy, positive and joyful last years of her life.

Last night, Bailey stayed outside all night - which is unusual for her, but I thought maybe she was just hot and it wasn't too cold last night.  When I brought her in this morning I could see she wasn't doing well.  Her stomach was extremely bloated and she drank 2 dish fulls of water within an hour.  So, we headed to the vet.  
I've blogged early that we suspected that Bailey had cancer due to the growth on her lip and lower leg.  We had also started to feel a lump on her stomach.  When the vet showed me the x-ray, the lump we were starting to feel on her stomach was much larger on the inside - which was making her intestines not act properly.  So, with my sweet 13 year old Bailey, the vet shared her opinion and the best options for Bailey.  With the tough decision, we said good bye.   We love you Bailey Sue <3 br="">

Koda - March 12, 2012
Bailey - March 9, 2014

My sweet doggies running through the woods now pain free in heaven!

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  1. So sorry for your family … Bailey had such a wonderful life while a member of your family. Hugs to you all!


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