Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whittier Camping Trip

Whittier, Alaska - June 2014

Those of us who have had the pleasure of traveling to Whittier know that the weather is typically, cold, rainy, windy and just not very pleasant at all.  Grandma Cynde and Pope were camping in Whittier and invited us to come down.  We decided to go thinking we'd only stay the night and then return due to weather - but to our wonderful surprise - we had sunny skies and beautiful weather all weekend long!

After setting up camp - it was time to do what we came to do - Go Shrimping!

Someone couldn't hardly wait to go out on the boat!

Pope even let her have a turn driving!

Fresh Shrimp!  Yes Please!!

Brother is just too much of a busy body these days to be safe on the boat - so he had fun staying behind with Grandma and throwing rocks into the ocean.  When we returned - someone would not leave my side.

While our shrimp pots were soaking - we also tried our luck with some halibut fishing.

Again- someone was way too excited to be out on the boat again!
Here's Sister with a family friend - Uppa

We enjoyed the afternoon, but didn't have any luck catching halibut.  

Pleasantly surprised by the wonderful weather - we made a full weekend out of it.  Brother is always sneaking a chance to drive the car - silly boy!

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