Monday, August 18, 2014

Back To School We Go

This isn't the picture you'd expect to see for a "Back to School" title for this blog entry, but it is a reflection of how we are enjoying the last few days of summer.  In our neighborhood, a family sprinkled the hillside with what we thought was grass seed this spring.  Much to our surprise when we returned from Montana, it was a hillside full of beautiful wild flowers.  It soon became Sister's favorite spot to stop on our nightly walks...

Sister is really getting the hang of her Strider bike and it's a good thing because she's grown so much these past few weeks that she's almost too tall for the bike.

We've enjoyed our evening walks to the park and have tried to soak in every last bit of bright sunlight before our days grower darker.  Brother sure is enjoying his freedom at the parks these days - particularly the seated swings...

While we enjoy the last few days of summer, we have been going back to school for teacher inservice days and getting our classrooms set up.  I'm so thankful for a willing husband to help decorate my room at my new school this year.



Hard to believe students will be filling these seats on Wednesday!
I'm looking forward to the new school year and so is Leif - he's very excited to be back at the high school level.  Here's to a new school year!!


  1. Am thinking of you all as school begins in Anchorage! Wishing everyone a great year! Hugs for all!

  2. Your classroom looks great, nice job! I need a Leinna and Lukkas play date soon...Maybe Papa and Mama would like a date night too?? ;)


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